NHS workers being treated 'like dirt', says Lib Dem leader

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to review the case for a single rate of pensions tax relief and committed to maintaining the triple lock in their election manifesto. "(We're) playing the long game, we're trying to make sure we have an effective base as an opposition", said the veteran Lib Dem politician. A referendum on the final Brexit deal agreed between the United Kingdom and the European Union - and one of the options on the ballot paper would be to stay in the EU.

ISIS claims responsibility for London attack

Witnesses said three men burst out of the van and attacked people with knives; some victims appeared to have their throats slit. Floral tributes sit below an anti-ISIS poster seen near London's Borough Market. Foreign minister Julie Bishop said any Australian who has family and friends in London and has been unable to contact them should call the consular hotline on 1300 555 135.

Outrage as Donald Trump targets London mayor over attacks

Canada said one of its nationals was among the dead. "We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are", she said. The Westminster attack, carried out by a British convert to Islam, also made use of a auto to ram people on the bridge, and a knife for a subsequent stabbing rampage on the grounds of Parliament.

USA hackers could be behind U.S. presidential campaign leaks - Putin

USA hackers could be behind U.S. presidential campaign leaks - Putin

Megyn Kelly was pressing Putin to explain why he earlier said that perhaps "patriotic" hackers in Russian Federation committed the cyber-attack. "By some calculations, it was convenient for them to release this information, so they released it, citing Russian Federation", he said.

Saudi Arabia cuts ties to Qatar, cites "terrorism"

A Saudi official cited by SPA said the country chose to "sever diplomatic and consular ties with Qatar, and to close all land, sea and aviation ports". Riyadh has meanwhile moved to improve ties with Turkey and Qatar, which support ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood group, now outlawed as a terrorist organization in Egypt.