Where in the world is Meghan Markle?

Where in the world is Meghan Markle?

As royal enthusiasts wonder what made Markle skip the much-awaited church wedding , sources claim that was the focus of the royal couple - to remain as undercover as possible. As Kate was being photographed pointing her finger at the toddler, George started crying and later on, even his sister became emotional thanks to her brother's behavior and mother's anger.

France, Germany 'certain' Trump would honour NATO pledges

France, Germany 'certain' Trump would honour NATO pledges

BERLIN: US President Donald Trump called Germany's trade and spending policies " very bad " on Tuesday, intensifying a row between the allies and immediately earning himself the moniker "destroyer of Western values" from a leading German politician.

Scooter Braun Delivers Message from Terrorism Victim at Manchester Concert: 'Love Spreads'

She joined Coldplay to perform Oasis hit Don't Look Back In Anger , recalling how city centre crowds had spontaneously burst into a rendition of the song in the days after the Manchester bombing. The energetic performance by a smiling, joyful Grande electrified an outdoor audience estimated at 50,000. The hastily-organised " One Love Manchester " event became one of the biggest single gatherings of musical talent this year, as stars lined-up for the concert dedicated to the 22 people ...

Three Australians and one New Zealander caught up in London attacks

Police shot the three terrorists dead within eight minutes of the violence erupting. Ms Hedge, who has been living in the United Kingdom for around a year after moving there to be with her British boyfriend, is recovering after emergency surgery at St Thomas' Hospital.

Putin Interview: Did Russia Interfere in the US Election?

Putin said that his nation had no channels of communication with the campaigns of either Trump or Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton , but that there may have been official contacts, which he called a "standard diplomatic practice". officials consider a state-run propaganda outlet and purveyor of disinformation about the US. Senators will be grilling ex-FBI chief James Comey, who was sacked four years into his 10-year term, on Thursday about an Oval Office meeting in February at which, ...

Niall Horan Pays Tribute to the Victims of the Manchester Attacks

The lineup included such big-name artists as Justin Bieber , Katy Perry , Miley Cyrus , Coldplay, and Black-Eyed Peas, as well as a surprise appearance by Manchester native son Liam Gallagher . Miley Cyrus performs at the One Love concert in Manchester , England. Deafening cheers greeted Grande as she took the stage. "There are two-large scale events taking place in Greater Manchester today and we would like to assure people that these will still take place, but with ...