'Ramblin Man' Gregg Allman laid to rest near Highway 41

Allman's soulful vocals made the Allman Brothers Band one of the top acts in rock in the 70's in a career that also was marred by tragedy and drug abuse. The three were founding members of the Allman Brothers Band . We can't imagine how hard this dark time must be for Cher , as well as the rest of Gregg's close friends and family.

US, Australian officials warn of returning foreign fighters

US, Australian officials warn of returning foreign fighters

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Monday the United States and its allies would continue to fight against Islamist extremists and would not be scared by attacks against the West by the Islamic State group. That's why we travel to the region. "But we can not allow China to use its economic power to buy its way out of other problems, whether it's militarizing islands in the South China Sea or failure to put appropriate pressure on North Korea".

Putin on climate deal: 'Don't worry, be happy'

Those three states alone represent more than 20% of the country's GDP and 10% of its greenhouse gas emissions. Vaughan joins other mayors from cities such as New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. France said it would work with USA states and cities - some of which have broken with Trump's decisions - to keep up the fight against climate change.

On health care, the choice is truly yours

On health care, the choice is truly yours

Because that upward redistribution of money is politically unpopular, and literally deadly, House Republicans sought to camouflage the basic trade in which they are engaged - reducing access to health care in exchange for tax cuts for the wealthy.

Turnbull sends warning at security summit

The prime minister said the region's traditional American-dominated system of "hub and spokes" relations, with the United States at the centre and its allies on spokes radiating outwards, would remain but was no longer sufficient. engagement, not less". The US Defence Secretary, James Mattis, who was present for the speech, later commended the Australian leader for "a good dose of Aussie pragmatic optimism".

Russia says North Korea nukes are a 'direct threat'

Pyongyang conducted the most recent ballistic missile test on May 29, its ninth of the year so far, although it is banned under previous United Nations resolutions from testing nuclear weapons or missile technology and is already subject to multiple global sanctions.