Jeremy Corbyn calls for Theresa May to resign

Her tenure at the Home Office saw 20,000 fewer police officers on the country's streets as a result of government cuts. "I'm not backing away from anything, I'm saying there is an election on and there is a choice for everybody". The Conservatives held a 17-seat working majority before the election. Speaking from London Bridge he said he was "angry" the three knifemen were seeking to justify their actions using the faith he belonged to.

Emirates' flights connecting Doha suspended after Saudi-Qatar row

Qasemi's remarks came as a reaction to Monday decisions by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen and Libya to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar after they accused the latter of "terrorism support". Gulf countries led by Saudi Arabia fell out with Qatar over its backing of then-Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, a Brotherhood member. The US-supported coalition accused Qatar of "support to (terrorist) organisations in Yemen", a claim being made publicly for ...

Saudi Arabian Airlines says suspends all flights to Qatar

Saudi Arabian Airlines says suspends all flights to Qatar

Qatar denies it supports terrorist groups in Syria or elsewhere, despite aggressive efforts to back Sunni rebel groups fighting to oust the Syrian government. Meanwhile, Bahrain's foreign ministry said it was suspending diplomatic relations "in order to preserve its national security", according to a statement .

UK Labour Chances Up by 1%, Conservatives Still Retain 11% Lead

The UK Labour Party improved its positions by 1 percentage point over the past week, though the Conservatives still maintain a 11-percent lead over the Labour three days ahead on general election , a fresh ICM poll showed Monday. The Labour leader said: 'I have not changed my mind on shoot-to-kill. She said Mr Corbyn was "not fit to negotiate a good Brexit deal for Britain ".

Shiv Sena says Maharashtra government seeks to raise rift amid farmers

Shiv Sena says Maharashtra government seeks to raise rift amid farmers

The chief minister's allegations are childish. Farmers on bullock carts blocked the Nashik-Niphad-Chandwad road. The Sena also questioned if Jayaji Suryawanshi, who was part of the delegation that met the CM and announced calling off the strike, give a guarantee that farmers will not commit suicide for the next four months.

London Bridge attackers to be named when 'operationally possible'

One woman, Elizabeth O'Neill, said her son Daniel was approached by one of the men who said, "this is for my family, this is for Islam ", before sticking a knife in him. Ferguson Rowe says her brother, Tyler Ferguson, held Archibald, 30, from Castlegar in British Columbia, as she died in his arms. She wouldn't say whether authorities were familiar with the men before the attack.