Jakarta bombers suspected of having IS links

Jakarta bombers suspected of having IS links

He said the bomber was killed along with one police officer. "From the damage, I could see the explosions were pretty big". "This is execrable. Ojek (motorcycle taxi) driver fell victim, public minivan driver, store sellers, as well as policemen", Joko told reporters in his hometown in Central Java, referring to the three slain police officers and 11 others injured, the presidential palace said in a statement.

Diplomatic rift would isolate Qatar

The UAE and Bahrain have also banned their citizens from vising Qatar, and are demanding that residents there leave within 14 days. It's unclear, however, if Trump had anything to do with the Qatari diplomatic crisis, which erupted with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cutting diplomatic ties to Qatar in a coordinated move early Monday.

Prime Minister Corbyn? UK polls narrowing dangerously for conservatives

Prime Minister Corbyn? UK polls narrowing dangerously for conservatives

The Liberal Party has also been in decline with support from only 10% of voters. "Let's hope that no prime minister of any political persuasion in the future is ever put in the situation that they will effectively be wiping out humanity, because that is a failure of diplomacy, it's a failure of foreign policy and it's a failure of defence policy".

Disgruntled Employee Kills Five in Florida, Takes Own Life

Four died at the scene in addition to the accused gunman, John R. Neuman, Jr., who officials said shot himself in the head. The gunman "had a negative relationship with" at least one of the victims. "Sad day for us once again here in Orange County. Our hearts go out to the victims". The story has been edited to correct Jacobs to Orange County mayor, not Orlando mayor, and the spelling of the sheriff's surname to Demings, not Demmings.

Gym of one of attackers saw 'nothing of concern'

Scotland Yard said described Zaghba as "of east London", suggesting he has been in the capital for some time. Check back for updates. The UK Metropolitan police confirmed the media reports. Ignacio Echeverria, a 39 year-old Spanish banker remains missing after trying to help a woman injured in the vicinity of Borough Market, near London Bridge, his father said based on the account of a friend of Echeverria's who was at the scene.

London mayor says Trump will not 'divide our communities'

After avoiding several attempts by reporters to get her to condemn the USA president, May was asked what it would take for her to criticize Trump. In the past, Khan has also criticized President Trump for his views. Earlier on Monday, before the president's latest outburst, May was pushed hard before saying he was "wrong" to attack Khan. "Some people thrive on feud and division".