Trump's Ex-Campaign Manager Lewandowski Eyes White House Position

Trump himself has also reportedly offered up his personal cell phone number to world leaders. Multiple reporters confirmed the latest creative initiative to avoid addressing one of the most pressing and concerning national security questions in recent history.

Trump targets India, China as U.S. exits climate pact

He said the USA would stop implementing measures to meet its commitments under the agreement to cut emissions by 26-28% on 2005 levels by 2025, and end funding for poor countries to cope with climate change. But Kiene urged leaders to translate their words into actions. Ms. Haley vouched that the president not only believes in climate change but that human activity contributes to it.

Time dwindling for major successes on GOP legislative agenda

Sen. Carolyn McGinn, a Sedgwick Republican, was more open to the proposal early Sunday afternoon. But the votes to move forward with the package were 72-49 in the House and 25-14 in the Senate. The list could include gas, liquor, cigarette and sales taxes, he said. "In my mind, this is a very weasely way", Holland said, to address the tax issue.

Police name gunman in Melbourne hostage-taking

Police name gunman in Melbourne hostage-taking

Comm Ashton said he had been on parole since being released from prison last November and "there was nothing wrong with his parole until yesterday". Mr Turnbull said Khayre's attack was a "shocking, cowardly crime", made more so by the fact that he was "only recently released on parole".

Saudi and UAE banks suspend business with Qatari banks amid diplomatic crisis

Egypt has barred all flights from Qatar from using its airspace. "With this action, Qatar had in essence, crossed Saudi Arabia and UAE's two most important regional red lines", Croft wrote .The stories quoted him questioning US hostility towards Iran, speaking of "tensions" between Doha and Washington and speculating that Trump might not remain in power for long.