Ghani to Allow Taliban Office if Afghan Peace Takes Root

The meeting, called the Kabul Process, drew representatives of 20 countries and global organizations, but it included no one from the Taliban or other insurgent groups. An enormous suicide blast ripped through Kabul's diplomatic quarter on May 31- right in the middle of rush hour. Let us return to Pakistan's perception problem and try and understand what is eating the nation from inside.

Explosion near Afghan mosque kills at least 7

Previous worldwide efforts to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table have failed, but diplomats in Kabul hailed Tuesday's conference as a stepping stone to peace. The insurgents responded to the conference by firing a rocket at what they claimed was NATO's headquarters. Instead, it landed inside Indian Ambassador Manpreet Vohra's residence in Kabul ; no one was hurt.

Why privatizing air traffic control could raise your ticket price

Why privatizing air traffic control could raise your ticket price

The current plan has received the backing of most major airlines and some consumer advocates - meanwhile opponents include many Democrats and some Republicans, according to Reuters . Ted Cruz of Texas and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, airline industry executives, union members and others to the event in the East Room.


Trump "believes the climate is changing", Nikki Haley says

In an unusual move, France's foreign ministry issued a pointed fact-check of Donald Trump's claims about the UN's Paris climate agreement . "That is where we are". Simpson hunting for his ex-wife's murderer. Despite his decision, Haley said, the president is "absolutely intent on making sure that we have clean air, clean water, that he makes sure that we're doing everything we can to keep America's moral compass in the world when it comes to the environment".

Cautious Comey expected in US hearing on Trump-Russia probes

Cautious Comey expected in US hearing on Trump-Russia probes

Comey appears before Congress to testify under oath on whether President Trump tried to short-circuit his agency's investigation into Russian meddling in the November presidential election. The showdown did much to cement his reputation as a law enforcement official willing to stand up to his political bosses when he thought they were wrong.

Syrian militia launches offensive to capture Raqqa

Fighting around Raqqa since late past year has displaced tens of thousands of people, with many flooding camps in the area and others stranded in the desert. The same route had been used by IS fighters, Abdel Rahman said. Coalition warplanes and artillery began strikes Monday afternoon, and continued through Tuesday afternoon.