Trump urges Arab unity in call to Saudi Arabia's King Salman

President Donald Trump appeared to back those isolating the energy-rich nation over allegations it supports terror groups and Iran. Trump said he'd told the kings, presidents and prime ministers that funding "Radical Ideology" can't be tolerated, and "Leaders pointed to Qatar - look!" The Arab states of the Persian Gulf are in the grips of an unprecedented regional crisis.

Countdown Clocks, Morning Cocktails As Former FBI Director Prepares To Testify

A day or two after the March 22 meeting, the president followed up with a phone call to Coats , the Post reported, citing officials familiar with the discussions. Michael S. Rogers, director of the National Security Agency; Andrew McCabe, acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director; and Rod Rosenstein , the deputy attorney general - will testify.

Apple's iOS 11 Storage Tools: New Ways to Help You Save Space

Apple's iOS 11 Storage Tools: New Ways to Help You Save Space

But arguably the coolest new feature is the launch of GymKit , which allows you to pair your Apple Watch with your gym equipment to more accurately track your workouts. The move is the first into a completely new area by Apple for more than two years as the world's most valuable technology company looks to make up for a dip in iPhone sales and new ways to get customers to use more of its money-making apps and services.

Trump doubles down on criticizing London mayor after deadly attacks

The Metropolitan Police are examining what is believed to be Molotov cocktails in the van used by the London Bridge attackers. The other attacker was named as Rachid Redouane , 30, who also went by the identity Rachid Elkhdar and was not known to police.

British prime minister calls Trump 'wrong' to attack London mayor

British prime minister calls Trump 'wrong' to attack London mayor

Trump has drawn harsh criticism for taking a dig at Khan in the aftermath of Saturday's attack, and May's remarks add strength to the argument that he crossed a line with his apparent critique of the mayor Sunday. Some critics accused Trump of exploiting a terror attack for political gain and many politicians reached out in support of Khan. Trump and Khan have spent the previous year sniping at one another, largely over Trump's proposed travel ban that would temporarily bar some Muslims ...

Beijing can help tame North Korea, says US

In April, Beijing halted imports of coal shipments from North Korea , one of the isolated country's few sources of income, but has taken a less confrontational approach than Washington with calls for more dialogue. The recent report allegedly suggests that in the coming weeks, Kim Jong-un may try to test his ballistic missiles. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis sought Saturday to reassure jittery allies in the Pacific about President Donald Trump's nationalist agenda while delivering a speech ...