Trump urges Gulf nations to unite after backing Saudi on isolating Qatar

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said isolating Qatar would "not resolve any problems" and called for "mutual dialogue". "Qatar's policy in the region was connected to supporting the terrorist organizations and the amplification of the extremist ideas", the statement published late on Tuesday read as quoted by the Mauritanian news agency AMI, Sputnik reported.

United States will hopefully rethink its decision on Paris climate agreement: Rajnath Singh

Last Thursday, President Trump proclaimed that he was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate accord , which he claimed placed "draconian" financial burdens on the American people. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked if the President believes climate change is occurring. It leaves it for each country to set its own climate goals voluntarily.

Responses to Trump's Paris accord move are overblown

Responses to Trump's Paris accord move are overblown

Trump's decision to leave the Paris accord has drawn heavy criticism within the USA and internationally, including in China . By the end of the decade, China plans to spend $360 billion on green energy projects, and it recently surpassed the U.S.

Shooting reported inside Iranian parliament

Security forces have reportedly massed both inside and outside the parliament. Do you think we will leave? No! Iran's state TV says four attackers were involved in a parliament shooting that is still underway, and that eight people have been wounded.

Macron calls for 'calm' in Gulf crisis: presidency

Macron calls for 'calm' in Gulf crisis: presidency

U.S. President Donald Trump , wading into a deep rift among Arab states, said on Tuesday his trip to the Middle East was "already paying off", as governments there took a hard new line in accusing Qatar of funding militant groups, APA reports quoting Reuters.

Sadiq Khan: London police should look into 'what they knew'

Italian news reports said authorities sequestered Zaghba's mobile phone and passport when he was stopped at the airport, but that he successfully got them back after a court determined there wasn't enough evidence to charge him with any terrorism-related crime.