Temer adviser hands over cash-filled briefcase to police

Temer adviser hands over cash-filled briefcase to police

Brazilian police on Tuesday said that they arrested a presidential aide and two ex-governors as part of an investigation into the 2014 World Cup's most expensive stadium, another black eye for the country's political establishment that adds pressure on beleaguered President Michel Temer .

London Terror Attack: Mayor Sadiq Khan Dismisses Trump's Misleading Tweet

Trump later challenged Khan to an IQ test during an interview on ITV. In a morning appearance on the U.K.'s Sky News, Khan was asked how authorities can stop future attacks in the city. "From Saturday until now my focus has been dealing with the aftermath of the horrific attack". "MSM is working hard to sell it!", he wrote . Speaking to the UK's Channel 4 News, London Mayor Sadiq Khan reiterated that he thought a planned state visit to the United Kingdom for Trump should be called off.

Deadly Attacks Wreak Havoc At 2 Major Sites In Iran's Capital

The two appeared to be parroting a slogan used by ISIL spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, who was killed in Syria previous year. The unusual attacks in Iran prompted the Interior Ministry to call for an urgent security meeting, according to the state-run IRNA news agency.

Iran says at least 12 killed in Tehran terror attacks

A 24-second video released by the agency purported to show the siege of parliament. The video released by Islamic State's news agency Amaq included an audio track of a man saying: "Oh God, thank you. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for both attacks. Iran and ISIS are on opposing sides in the ongoing civil war in Syria as well as in Iraq where government forces aided by local Shiite militias are fighting to drive ISIS out of the country.

Twelve dead as Islamic State claims Iran parliament attack

State TV reported four attackers are involved in the parliament attack, and said eight people were wounded. An official at Khomeini's mausoleum in south Tehran said "three or four" people had entered via the western entrance and opened fire, killing the gardener and wounding several people, according to the Fars news agency.

This is Us: Earliest Fossils of Our Species Found in Morocco

This is Us: Earliest Fossils of Our Species Found in Morocco

Too many different-looking fossils have been lumped together under the species, he thinks, complicating efforts to interpret new fossils and to come up with scenarios on how, when and where our species emerged. Researchers led by Mattias Jakobsson at Uppsala University in Sweden sequenced the genome of a boy who lived in South Africa around 2,000 years ago - only the second ancient genome from sub-Saharan Africa to be sequenced.