Kabul Bomb: Afghan Leader Condemns Cowardly Attack

The attack comes at a time when the Islamic fraternity is observing fast in the holy month of Ramadan. "Our embassy is in lockdown", Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade secretary Frances Adamson said following the attack . The local Afghan hires were working alongside the American contractors who were injured at Camp Eggers, which is a USA facility across the street from the Germany embassy.

Attackers raid Iran parliament and mausoleum, up to seven dead

Syrian President Bashar Assad has condemned the twin extremist attacks in Tehran , vowing the Iran and Syria would emerge victorious in their fight against "terrorism". Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said "once again, unscrupulous criminals have killed many innocent people". The ministry released their photographs and first names, and said they were part of a network that entered Iran in July-August 2016 under the leadership of "high-ranking IS commander" Abu Aisha intending to carry out ...

Qatar says state news agency first hacked in April

Arab countries at odds with Qatar accuse it of supporting militant groups and advancing their arch-rival Iran's agenda in the region - charges Doha calls baseless. Zarif separately explained the advisability of seeking a settlement to the accusations by the three GCC nations to his partner who promotes and supports terrorism, as well as give shelter to leaders of Islamist organizations that they consider as terrorists.

Saudi Arabia said to tell banks not to increase Qatar exposure

The emir of Kuwait is mediating in the dispute and the president of Turkey has also offered to help, saying isolation and sanctions will not resolve the crisis. For the USA military, which is supporting Iraqi troops assaulting Mosul and readying a major push into Raqqa, the Islamic State's de facto capital in Syria , the base has never been more important.

Iran blames Saudis for deadly Tehran hit

At least 12 people have lost their lives and 42 people were wounded in Tehran this morning after the armed attackers stormed Iran's parliament building and Imam Khomeini mausoleum. The three countries are close allies in the fight against rebels and jihadist groups in Syria. Iran is certainly no model society, but neither is it a nation that is actively developing nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles and threatening to use them, like North Korea.