Things to know about ex-FBI head's James Comey's testimony

Comey describes President Trump expressing a wish that makes him look bad, but isn't a specific order. Cohen, along with Flynn, has been subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee, which is also conducting a Russian Federation probe.

All Eyes On Capitol Hill For Comey's Testimony Before Senate Committee

Mr Trump demanded a promise of loyalty from his former FBI director and asked repeatedly for his help "to lift the cloud" of an investigation into ties to Russian , according Mr Comey's testimony . In his questions to Comey during the committee's hearing on Thursday, Sen. ■ Trump plans to watch the James Comey testimony with his outside counsel Marc Kasowitz and other advisers in a dining room in the White House, a source familiar with the plan said.

UAE seeking 'change of policy, not regime' in Qatar

On Monday, Saudi Arabia , Egypt , Bahrain , the United Arab Emirates , Yemen and the Maldives cut diplomatic ties Monday with Qatar , accusing it of supporting terrorism. The US president mixed together (jihadist groups) Daesh (another term for Islamic State), Al-Qaeda and Iran, and he virtually called for regime change in Tehran, marking a brutal change with the Obama years.

United States cites 'complete obliteration of mock warhead

United States cites 'complete obliteration of mock warhead

North Korea warned yesterday it was prepared to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) at any time, as the United States successfully tested a system created to intercept them. The successful test was hailed as a triumph, with Syring saying the result was " an incredible accomplishment " that marked a critical milestone for a missile defense program hampered by setbacks over the years.

Three men arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences

London police said earlier they had recovered a body from the Thames in their search for Xavier Thomas, a 45-year-old missing since Saturday's attack. "My thoughts are with the people who died in the attack, but also with those that were injured and are recovering in hospital, including the three other officers that were injured, and all the members of the public who rushed to help".

Indian Army ready to face Pakistan and China: Army Chief

Indian Army ready to face Pakistan and China: Army Chief

He had added that the main objective of awarding Major Leetul Gogoi , when a Court of Inquiry was finalising its probe into the incident, was to boost the morale of young officers operating in Jammu and Kashmir. "Directions are always given by the government", he said. He also claimed that the government had given the Army a free hand in executing its directions.