Iran guards: US, Saudis involved in Tehran attacks

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks. The outlet said the Iranian Intelligence Ministry was now refusing to publish the last names of the perpetrators as they searched for relatives potentially tied to the Islamic State as well.

People, groups with Qatar links labelled terrorists

A joint statement by Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Egypt and the UAE has placed 59 individuals and 12 organisations - Qatar based or funded by Qatar - on a "terror list ". Qatar Airways, one of the region's major carriers, is banned from using Gulf Arab airspace, causing multiple delays and forcing the airline to fly more circuitous paths.

CCTV reveals the moment police shot London Bridge terrorists

CCTV reveals the moment police shot London Bridge terrorists

A third man, aged 29, was arrested on suspicion of the preparation of terrorist acts at a home in the same area. CCTV video has emerged of police firing at the London Bridge attackers. "Detectives investigating the London Bridge terror attack have carried out a search warrant at an address in east London in the early hours of Wednesday", police said .

Nick Clegg first 'big beast' to lose seat

Labour sources told Business Insider in May that the party was confident of unseating former deputy prime minister Clegg, who has been the MP for Sheffield Hallam since 2005. Overall the Lib Dems, who want a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal, are set for a modest increase from the nine seats they held before the election.

North Korea multiple missile test

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has been briefed on the latest launch, the military said , declining to give further details. North Korea unveiled surface-to-ship missiles at a military parade to mark the 105th birthday of its late founder Kim Il-sung on April 15th.