#Vote2017: Hung parliament: What are the options for the UK?

Anna Soubry, a Conservative MP, said May would have to consider her position. When Theresa May called the snap election in April the Tories held a majority of 17 seats. That was in part because votes that had previously gone to UKIP were splitting evenly between the two major parties instead of going overwhelmingly to the Conservatives as pundits had expected.

PM Nawaz leaves for Kazakhstan today at attend SCO meeting

India has been an observer to the forum since 2005. Xi said China attaches great importance to its ties with India and stands ready to work with the Indian side to enhance political mutual trust, link their development strategies, deepen practical cooperation and maintain coordination and collaboration in global and regional affairs, so as to advance their strategic cooperative partnership in a sustained, healthy and stable way.

DUP 'say no red lines' over alliance with Conservatives

The results have cast a shadow over the future of Theresa May , a straight-laced pastor's daughter who ascended to the Tory leadership only previous year after the resignation of former Prime Minister David Cameron. A partnership with the DUP, parliament's fifth-largest party with 10 seats, will enable May's party to push forward with their agenda. With 649 of 650 seats declared, the Conservatives had won 318 seats and Labour 261.

Brexit forecasts range from soft to 'no deal' following United Kingdom election

Brexit forecasts range from soft to 'no deal' following United Kingdom election

None of the other parties is willing to back May's dictum that "no deal is better than a bad deal", her shorthand for accepting the risk of "cliff-edge" effects to the economy in 2019 when Brexit becomes a legal fact and the U.K.'s banks, carmakers and farmers all lose their current unrestricted access to the European market.

As Trump's America looks inward, Trudeau seeks to chart a course forward

Following President Donald Trump's announcement last week that the USA was pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement, Trudeau initiated phone calls with four of the other G7 leaders. Trump's announcement that the United States would withdraw from the global accord drew ridicule from foreign leaders around the world and made the USA one of only three countries not signed up to the accord, the others being Nicaragua and Syria.