May confirms she will form government with help of Northern Ireland party

Conservative MP Anna Soubry told the BBC that the prime minister "obviously has to consider her position". "We have not made any comment and won't until later on today", a spokeswoman for the party told Reuters . "So we will see what happens and talk to people over the next few days". "We needed this election to decide on Brexit and make sure that those of us who want to retain a relationship with Europe are represented".

Qataris on 'terror list' issued by Saudi-bloc

On 28 May, in a freaky development, the Al ash-Shaikh issued a statement denying that the amir of Qatar was descended from bin Abd al-Wahhab (the ancestry claim has always been regarded as dubious in Abu Dhabi and probably elsewhere). While there are "real risks" in provoking Saudi Arabia and the UAE, given the history of border skirmishes in the Gulf, "what's more likely is the continued isolation of Qatar and sustained pressure by Saudi and UAE", he said.

Comey's testimony causes problems for some media

He added that perhaps the most important revelation to emerge from the hearing is that allegations about collusion between Trump and Russian Federation are starting to look weaker than ever. Good Lord, release the tapes! "The administration then chose to defame me, and more importantly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation by saying the organisation was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader", Mr Comey said.

Investors Shrug Off Shock UK Election Result

The turnaround in this election might well represent a groundswell among the electorate for a different approach to politics than the one taken by both main parties since the financial crash of 2008. Labour deputy leader Tom Watson said: 'Theresa May's authority has been undermined by this election. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the election shock didn't necessarily mean that Britons have changed their minds about leaving but also predicted that "the tone" of negotiations may be ...

Donald Trump Rage Tweets Against Media For Taking Seriously His Tweets

Donald Trump Rage Tweets Against Media For Taking Seriously His Tweets

Privately, Trump's allies had already dialed up pleas to Trump to lay off Twitter and focus on efforts to set the agenda in Washington . But White House officials on Monday once again tried to push the idea that Trump's tweets are not the official word out of the Oval Office as they faced questions about Trump's various declarations over the past 48 hours.

Haunting images show aftermath of London Bridge attack

Haunting images show aftermath of London Bridge attack

After being questioned by the Italian authorities, Zaghba was released without charge. A 22-year-old Italian national of Moroccan descent was living in east London and reportedly worked in a Pakistani restaurant in Ilford. Authorities said he aroused suspicion because he tried to board a flight to Turkey with a one-way ticket and a small backpack. The son of a Moroccan father and Italian mother, he lived for a time in Italy and had been suspected of associating with a terrorist ...