United Kingdom elections: Setback for Theresa May as exit polls indicate hung parliament

As the June 8 poll ended in a hung parliament , with no party holding an absolute majority in the House of Commons, Mrs May pledged the Tories would offer "stability" as the largest party with the most votes. But former business minister Vince Cable won his back, and party leader Tim Farron held on. He added: "There are so many variables in play that the pound could even rise in the days ahead as the likelihood of a soft and more palatable Brexit increases".

Donald Trump claims he has been 'totally vindicated' by James Comey's testimony

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski also stood behind the president Friday, saying on TODAY that Comey "wasn't man enough" to turn over his memo personally to the press. The FBI is investigating links between associates of Trump during last year's campaign and Russians who sought to influence the election by hacking Democrats.

British police name third suspect in London Bridge attack

The BBC reports that Thomas was last seen on London Bridge walking with his girlfriend, who was also seriously injured in the violence. Three men suspected to be involved in terror activities were arrested in London on Wednesday. Italian authorities said Zaghba had been stopped and questioned in Italy but had not been charged with any crime. In an interview with Italy's Radio 24, Mr Giuseppe Amato, the chief prosecutor in Bologna, said Zaghba, an Italian national, had been flagged in ...

Former Greek PM injured in envelope explosion

Former Greek PM injured in envelope explosion

The 69-year-old economist was in stable condition, doctors said. The explosive device was hidden in an envelope inside Papademos auto, according to police officials. The driver and the politician's bodyguard were also injured in the explosion, police said. The rigged package to the International Monetary Fund exploded, injuring an employee.

Tehran attackers IS recruits from Iran

One of the men speaks in the sorani Kurdish dialect common among Kurds in northeastern Iraq and northwestern Iran. Four gunmen attacked the building of the Iranian parliament in the morning. Senate to move forward on a new set of sanctions against Iran, including its elite Revolutionary Guards, a move that came on the same day as the Tehran attacks.

Qatar crisis: Germany seeks to bridge rift with Arab states

The recent joint statement issued by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE regarding a "terror finance watchlist" once again reinforces baseless allegations that hold no foundation in fact. The London-based news website Raialyoum related the incident, with several comments made by Israeli politicians and media outlets praising the six Arab countries' breaking off of relations with Qatar.