Militants kill 13 Philippine marines in wartorn Marawi city

Militants kill 13 Philippine marines in wartorn Marawi city

The marines were on an operation to rescue about 100 hostages held by the militants, who set off improvised explosive devices and fired rocket-propelled grenades at the advancing troops, Herrera said. The raid, however pre-empted a plot by hundreds of militants waving Islamic State group-style black flags to capture Marawi and kill Christians, military officials say.

Theresa May Promises 'Certainty' After Queen Approves Plan For Coalition Government

The result leaves her fortunes as party leader and prime minister hanging by a thread. The snap election , which Theresa May hoped would bolster her bargaining position in inchoate Brexit talks , surprised in many ways. With one result still to be declared, May's Tories have taken 318 out of 650 seats in the House of Commons, 12 fewer than before she called the election .

What is a hung parliament - and what happens next?

Before the election, May said on her official Twitter account that if she lost "just six seats" she would lose the election to Jeremy Corbyn . But having slid to as low as $1.2636 in early European trade, sterling was at $1.2740, apparently taking some support from news that Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party will back May's Conservatives in forming a government.

Trump offers 'warm support' to Theresa May after poll setback

The result is being billed as one of the biggest political upsets in the country's history, with the Labour Party of far-left Jeremy Corbyn defying expectations and projected to win 261 seats in Parliament. Mrs May added the Tories were the only party who could form a Government and take the country through Brexit negotiations. The opposition Labour Party , in contrast, fought an unexpectedly successful campaign.

Pound volatility as conservatives look to lose their seat majority

Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday began forming a minority government after a bruising election result that saw her party losing its majority and a hung parliament , throwing British politics into turmoil and uncertainty in forthcoming Brexit talks.

Prime Minister Modi arrives in Delhi after Kazakhstan's historic visit

Prime Minister Modi arrives in Delhi after Kazakhstan's historic visit

Mr. Modi landed in Astana on Thursday to attend the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), where India and Pakistan will be inducted as members. "(China and India) should strengthen multilateral communication and consultation, and appropriately control and manage differences and sensitive issues", Xi said, according to the post.