Nicola Sturgeon rules out 'rash decisions' on indyref2 after major SNP losses

Sturgeon put a positive spin on the losses - which saw her party reduced to to just 35 MPs across Scotland - arguing the SNP was still the third-largest party in parliament and as such would have a role to play. Similarly, the election night is turning out to be equally or more disastrous for the Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon . Branding the demand for IndyRef2 "a massive political miscalculation", she said: "This morning, we have heard SNP figures acknowledge that ...

British PM Seeks Minority Government Following Election Losses

British PM Seeks Minority Government Following Election Losses

In contrast, the opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn , whose party gained at least 29 seats in Parliament, has openly shared his misgivings about the United States leader. With almost all votes counted, the Conservative Party has 318 seats, according to the BBC. "I'm afraid we ran a pretty terrible campaign", Soubry said.

Blame Diamondbacks for John McCain's weird questions to James Comey

That's made all the more weird by the fact that, since Election Day (and even going back to the 2016 campaign), McCain has been one of the Senate Republicans most critical of Trump and his administration. When asked in his testimony on Thursday whether his decision was influenced by the meeting , Comey said, "yes, in an ultimately conclusive way". The former FBI director's revelation makes clear that, in the heat of a presidential campaign, the sitting president's attorney general ...

Fired warehouse worker kills five, himself in Florida

The shooting happened in multiple locations at the business, Demings said. Lawson's wife said her husband would give a person in need the shirt off his back. Demings said that all indications found show that the subject lives alone, has no family in the area, is a veteran of the us army , and was honorably discharged in 1999.

S. Korea will not change THAAD agreement with United States, security adviser says

Navy carrier strike groups and joint naval drills, "Roh Jae-cheon, a spokesperson for South Korea's Joint Chief of Staffs said on Friday". As far as the threat of North Korea successfully launching a nuclear ballistic missile on the US mainland is concerned, the common consensus is that it will take Pyongyang at least three years to develop a working ICBM of sufficient range.

Iran rejects Trump's comments on Tehran attacks

Police officers stand guard as vehicles drive past Iran's parliament building in Tehran , Iran, Thursday, May 8, 2017. A separate terrorist group in the country has been detained before it managed to carry out any terror attack. However, Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) didn't waste any time blaming Saudi Arabia for the attacks. The Islamic State group claimed the attacks.