London attackers planned to use lorry

London Metropolitan Police told CNN Butt - the group's alleged ringleader - attempted to rent a larger truck the morning of the attack, but failed to provide payment details. Inspector Jim Cole, who was scrambled from his south London police station, said the response was "like something out of a Battle of Britain film" as officers piled into vehicles.

Police link man in fatal grocery store shooting to Twitter account

His family has expressed their condolences for all involved. This incident comes three days after a "disgruntled" Florida man returned to a business he was sacked from in April, shooting and killing five former coworkers, police said. In court documents, the fourth co-worker says she heard shots and saw Stair shoot one of the victims. After police release the crime scene and a crew completes a clean-up of the Wyoming County supermarket, a state inspector may visit the store as early as ...

Backed anti-IS forces to announce Raqqa assault start date on Tuesday

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group captured the city from rebel groups in 2014 and has since used it as their home base. Brett McGurk, the US special envoy to the coalition against Islamic State, said in a tweet Tuesday that "major operations" led by the SDF had begun to "liberate Raqqa" from Islamic State and "return the city to its people".

Trump's Closest Allies Warn President It's Time To Stop Tweeting

Several people close to the president pointed to Kasowitz as the most obvious explanation for Trump's sudden restraint, recalling that Trump has often spoken of the attorney as a "killer" in the positive sense. tomorrow. And even as I attempt to genuinely explain that I didn't vote for Trump and don't embody his ideals, I have to take ownership for a president our country has ultimately elected.