May Limits Cabinet Changes as Chaos Hangs Over Bid to Cling On

British Prime Minister Theresa May was on Sunday seeking a deal with a small Northern Irish party that she needs to stay in power after a disastrous election destroyed her authority days before Brexit talks are due to start. Some Tories, including the party's Scottish leader Ruth Davidson, are unhappy about a deal with the DUP because of the party's opposition to gay marriage and abortion and other policy clashes with the Conservatives.

Mayor of London again calls on Trump to cancel state visit

In the hours after the attack, which killed seven people and left dozens injured , Trump on Twitter suggested that Mayor Sadiq Khan had told Londoners "not to be alarmed" about the attack. Trump's Tuesday tweet came a day after Ambassador Dana Shell Smith retweeted some of her previous statements praising Qatar's efforts in combating terrorism financing and its role in countering ISIS.

Merkel ready for Brexit talks

Concerns grew that Brexit negotiations could be put on hold after Britain's Conservative Party failed to secure a majority in Parliament and a clear mandate in the snap election Thursday. But obviously while also asserting the interests of the 27 member states that will make up the European Union in future", she underlined. "Maybe, this is a chance that we can come up to a more reasonable Brexit negotiations because in the last time (recently) I really had the feeling that everything was ...

Aussie PM to demand stricter bail laws after deadly Melbourne terror attack

Monday's incident "underlines the need for us to be constantly vigilant, never to be deterred, always defiant, in the face of Islamist terrorism", he said. He had "a long criminal history" and was on parole after being released from jail on a separate offence past year, Mr Ashton said. Responsibility for the incident has been claimed by ISIS which justified it with Australia's membership of the US-led global coalition fighting against it in Iraq and Syria.

Israel settlement plans 'challenge' to Trump: Palestinians

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's spokesman said today that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's vow to build across the occupied West Bank was a "challenge" to Donald Trump's efforts to restart peace talks. The occupation of the Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan "imposed a heavy humanitarian and development burden on the Palestinian people", many of whom are living in refugee camps, in abject poverty and with little or no prospect of a better life, Guterres said.

Iran sends five planes of food to Qatar amid Gulf crisis

Saudi's allies also welcomed "President Trump's leadership in challenging Qatar's troubling support for extremism". He said Qatar remained committed to a Kuwaiti-led mediation effort, but that he had yet to receive a clear list of demands.