Saudi to limit July oil volumes to Asia

It is worth mentioning that the State of Qatar is an active member of Opec and was the first country to join the Organization following its establishment in 1960. Other countries, including top producer Russian Federation, are also participating. The number of rigs in activity in North America has doubled since the lows of 2016 to reach 1,015 by the beginning of June, despite a shortage of equipment and crews, which has temporarily increased production costs.

Fresh questions for US Attorney General -- and he'll answer in public

The allegations are being investigated by special counsel Robert Mueller and several congressional panels, including the Senate Intelligence Committee. But intelligence committee members at first were unaware of a planned hearing. If President Donald Trump is also keeping recordings of his conversations, any controversy over those will have begun with a tweet.

Arab states issue Qatar 'terror list'

Arab states issue Qatar 'terror list'

The comment come just days after the UAE, Saudi Arabia and several other MENA region countries cut all diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar over its alleged support for terrorist groups. Tillerson , whom Trump has tasked with de-escalating the dispute, said it is "troubling to the United States, the region and to many people who are directly affected".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to face Russian Federation questions in senate

A Justice Department spokeswoman said Sessions requested the open setting because "he believes it is important for the American people to hear the truth directly from him". "The peril to Sessions is a great deal more regarding those conversations with the Russians because he made sworn statements on his security clearances that appear to be contradictory to his actual record with contact with Russians", Toobin said.

Russia Probe: Senator Schumer invites Trump to testify before Senate

Following Comey's public testimony last Thursday, he told senators in a closed hearing that afternoon that Sessions may have had a third interaction with Russia's ambassador to the U.S., according to people familiar with the briefing. But Kinzinger, who served in the Air Force in Iraq and Afghanistan, said getting to the bottom of this investigation is about more than partisanship.

Indian state writes off farm loans to end protests

As P.Sainath said, the morning newspapers on the completion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's three years in office carried huge advertisements lauding the government for its achievements on the agricultural front while the news inside spoke of five farmers (later increased to 8) being killed in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh in police firing.