Trump On Comey: 'No Collusion. No Obstruction

No obstruction". Comey indirectly leaked memos - about conversations with President Trump - to Columbia Law Professor Daniel Richman, who sent them to the press on his behalf. What we know: President Donald Trump was told by James Comey three times he was not under criminal investigation. "100 percent", Trump said. Standing with the president of Romania, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partner, Trump at last confirmed his commitment to the alliance's mutual defense pact, Article ...

Nerd Food: Wonder Woman Cookies Of Truth

Organiser Emma Jukes said the fun would begin with a costume competition at the BCC Lismore cinema at 2.30pm, followed by a showing of the film . A petition titled "Release Wonder Woman in Lebanon" released a day after the ban argued that movie buffs in the country should be given to opportunity to enjoy the wonderful character of Wonder Woman .

Can diplomacy solve the crisis in the Gulf?

The airline CEO said he did not expect Qatar to be treated in this way by a country "so dependent on its fight against terrorism". A Saudi Arabian airline on Monday tweeted a warm welcome to pilots and staff from Qatar Airways whom it hopes to poach after the kingdom severed air links with Doha .

Jeff Sessions Testimony To Be Public

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will attend that hearing in his place, and Sessions will go before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Some Republicans now are arguing that Sessions isn't the first attorney general to inject politics in an investigation, pointing to testimony last week that Loretta Lynch urged Comey to call the probe into Clinton's e-mail practice a "matter" rather than "investigation".

Secret Service Denies Having Trump-Comey Tapes

Secret Service Denies Having Trump-Comey Tapes

The issue could be crucial for the president amid allegations - though not formal accusations - that he has sought to obstruct the investigation into possible collusion by his advisors in Russian interference in last year's presidential election.

Attorney General Sessions requests his testimony be public

Reed said he also wants to know if Sessions had more meetings with Russian officials as a Trump campaign adviser than have been disclosed. Members of both the Senate and House intelligence committees have insisted since that hearing that it is important they verify Comey's testimony.