Explainer: What a hung Parliament means for Britain

Explainer: What a hung Parliament means for Britain

Chancellor Philip Hammond, meanwhile, is reported to have told the Prime Minister that she needed to put "jobs first" in negotiating a new deal with Brussels, in comments seen as a coded attack on her focus on controlling immigration. "How do you negotiate when you know that the position of the partner that you're negotiating with is extremely weak?" says Klaas of the London School of Economics.

Qatar Airways CEO: US 'fueling' the fire of Gulf crisis

In televised interviews today, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker called the move an "illegal blockade " and urged the united nations ' civil aviation branch to intervene. "The pilgrims from Qatar are in the hearts of their Saudi brethren from when they enter the Kingdom until their departure", SPA said, quoting the official body in charge of Mecca and Medina, Islam's two holiest sites.

Michael Gove appointed Defra secretary

Michael Gove appointed Defra secretary

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he could still be prime minister, although his party has no obvious way to build a majority coalition. On the one hand, the likelihood of a "soft Brexit" has increased somewhat now that the DUP has given its support to the Tory Government, as the Unionists have said they are keen to ensure Northern Ireland's border with the Irish Republic remains as "seamless and frictionless" as possible.

Pakistani PM hopes for swift solution to crisis over Qatar

Riyadh/Dubai - The US said it would seek to defuse a growing rift between its energy-rich Gulf allies after Saudi Arabia led a drive to isolate Qatar by cutting off air and sea transport and closing the tiny nation's only land border. Qatar said on Saturday it would not expel citizens of the countries that had cut ties with it. Amid the growing spat between Qatar and its Gulf neighbors over the former's funding of Islamic terror organizations and cooperation with Iran, Qatari Foreign ...

Assassin's Creed: Origins and its Egyptian setting are real

Moreover, Assassin's Creed Origins will support Xbox One X . Its truly ridiculous cinematic trailer looks like Inception: Extreme Sports Edition , which probably isn't literally representative of the game, but remains gorgeous. As all of them are doing well in terms of sales for Ubisoft , we're sure at least some of them will get some time on the stage. Your ship mounts on your controller and changes in real-time - although it sounds like there are digital only versions too if you don't ...

British PM Theresa May reaches 'outline' power deal after election fiasco

The aim is rather to secure a pact with the DUP to support the government in motions of confidence and budget votes-a crisis-ridden regime ruling with a tiny majority over a population that widely despises them. Brancaccio: The term of art here has been hard Brexit , a cleaner break. Others still seek to reverse Brexit entirely. From whom? From her party? May's office has said that the most senior Cabinet members - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris ...