UK police make new arrest in London Bridge attack inquiry

The belts were strapped to the 3 men as they mowed down pedestrians on the Bridge, then went to a nearby restaurant and stabbed numerous people. Police also revealed that the attackers had stored petrol bombs - several wine bottles filled with flammable liquid and rags wrapped around them - in the van, but police fatally shot the trio before they could return to the van and kill even more people.

Senators Look To Impose New Sanctions Against Russia

The bill would also require the president to seek congressional permission to relax the current regime of sanctions against Russian Federation, possibly limiting President Donald Trump's leeway to improve relations between Washington and Moscow .

Former FBI chief Comey testifies before Senate, blasts Trump for 'lies'

Former FBI chief Comey testifies before Senate, blasts Trump for 'lies'

Asked if he would testify under oath to Mueller, Trump said he'd be "glad" to tell him what he just told the press about Comey. President Trump said Friday he would "100 percent" be willing to testify under oath about allegations that he asked former FBI Director James Comey to ease up an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn .

DUP leader says talks with Britain's Conservatives 'positive'

DUP leader says talks with Britain's Conservatives 'positive'

Gove, who was dismissed when May became prime minister a year ago, will now serve as environment secretary. Simply by being in government with Sinn Fein - a party which in a famous election picture a sledgehammer-wielding Ian Paisley once vowed to "smash" - the DUP compromised in a way which many of its supporters struggled to accept.

Harry Kane To Stay On As England Captain

Southgate told a news conference: " I said on Saturday it was never my intention to play Joe in this game". We had a look at that in training, in fact. TV pundit Gary Neville was among those who pointed his finger at Hart for conceding two set-piece goals at Hampden Park . Southgate said it was important for Hart to move to the right club, but said the 30-year-old had made important progress, particularly with regard to criticism that he was getting himself too pumped up for matches.

SNP: Theresa May's Brexit policies 'must be scrapped'

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has said plans for a second independence referendum must "disappear" after her party fought back to take six seats from the SNP. He added: "The SNP have lost many fine parliamentarians this evening and that's a grievous blow to the SNP". Another is the high-profile casualties suffered by the Scottish National Party - the loss of Westminster leader and deputy party leader Angus Robertson and former first minister Alex Salmond (both to the Tories) ...