North Korea says it's

North Korea says it's "not far away" from test-firing an ICBM

In recent months, tensions have been high over North Korea's nuclear weapon and missile development program and the Unites States' missile defence system being deployed in South Korea . North Korea has so far shown no sign of responding, however, instead conducting missile tests at an unprecedented pace in defiance of the global sanctions imposed on it.

Jeff Sessions to publicly testify on James Comey's firing

Jeff Sessions to publicly testify on James Comey's firing

Sessions recused himself on March 2 from the Justice Department's probe into interference by the Russians in the election. Mr Trump was angry that the attorney general had recused himself from the FBI's Russian Federation probe, according to USA media.

Demonstrations against Islamic law met with counterprotests against hate

Numerous latter were dressed in black masks and hoods and chanting "No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA". Protesters in downtown Indianapolis said they're speaking out against genital mutilation and honor killings. However, Seattle police used tear gas to disperse rowdy demonstrators and made several arrests following an anti-Shariah rally and a much larger counter-protest.

May's Conservatives strike a deal with the DUP, but who are they?

May's Conservatives strike a deal with the DUP, but who are they?

The prospect of a deal has also caused consternation in Dublin , with Irish premier Enda Kenny warning such an alliance could upset Northern Ireland's fragile peace. It provides the basis for Northern Ireland's continued political progress and, as the government, we remain firmly committed to this. May announced last Friday following her humiliating defeat in the general election that she would be allying with the pro-Brexit DUP party to gain a 13-seat Conservative majority.

Only three in 10 Israelis consider control of West Bank an 'occupation'

The survey of 600 respondents, conducted at the end of May, also showed that more than half of the Jewish Israelis polled felt that Israel should have immediately annexed the territories it conquered in the Six-Day War of 1967, and more than half thought that building Jewish settlements in the territories was "wise".