Lawmakers demand new strategy for 16-year Afghan war

Thornberry has called for a $37 billion increase in the baseline budget to $640 billion and he renewed the call in his questioning of Mattis at the hearing. Mattis has been one of Russia's most vocal critics. Still, the 2018 request will not be an easy sell, for several reasons. The sequestration provision of the Budget Control Act of 2011 imposes across-the-board spending cuts if Congress and the White House can not agree on more targeted cuts.

North Korea confirms successful missile test - state media

North Korea's weapons tests are meant to build a nuclear and missile program that can stand up to what it sees as US and South Korean hostility, but they are also considered by outside analysts as ways to make its political demands clear to leaders in Washington and Seoul .

Turkey's Erdogan slams 'inhumane' isolation of Qatar

The Pakistan Foreign Office has emphatically denied the possibility of Pakistani troops being sent to Qatar. The military said such military visits have been ongoing since 2015. Turkish food supplies can reportedly be found in most of the supermarkets across Qatar. Gulf Arab states have issued no public demands; but a list that has been circulating includes severance of diplomatic relations with Iran , expulsion of all members of the Palestinian Hamas group and of the Muslim Brotherhood ...

Puerto Rico casts symbolic vote for statehood

Puerto Rico casts symbolic vote for statehood

The U.S. Department of Justice in April called on Rossello to change ballot language that initially did not give voters an option to remain a U.S. territory. "I think it's good that he declined it because it was entirely distracting from the issue at hand, which is Puerto Rico", Mayor Bill de Blasio, who planned to march all along, said last week.

Uber appointed a Nestle executive to be an independent board member

Uber is set to reveal the recommendations from the report to employees Tuesday. Holder's report is based in part on those 215 claims, which largely focused on discrimination and sexual harassment at the company. Uber's second in command, Emil Michael, the company's senior vice president for business and a close confidant of CEO Travis Kalanick , is leaving the company Monday as was predicted by several news sources over the weekend.

Iran Says It Killed Mastermind Of Deadly Attacks On Parliament And Mausoleum

Last Wednesday's rare and coordinated attacks on Tehran left dozens of people wounded. While ISIS claimed responsibility, Iranian officials have also suggested Saudi Arabia may have played a role - and Iran's foreign minister called the official US response "repugnant", after President Trump ended his expression of condolences for the victims with the message that "states that sponsor terrorism risk falling victim to the evil they promote".