South Korea president's office explains Viagra purchase

The raid comes as Samsung faces allegations it bribed Park's confidant Choi Soon-Sil to win state approval for a controversial merger it sought in 2015. "To investigate the criminal charges against them, the special prosecutor is going to need to do a proper search and seizure on the Blue House". Some early rumours among Koreans alleged Ms Park could have been involved with cultish rituals with her friend Ms Choi.

House Republicans to Obama: Take no more action on Iran

At the same time, Trump may seek a tougher line on Iran's compliance with the current deal. He called it a "disaster" and the " worst deal ever negotiated". But many Republicans in the U.S. Congress have been highly critical of it. Legal experts say this means the new administration could simply take no action if it chooses to do so.

Trump aide suggests he wants no Clinton probe

Trump aide suggests he wants no Clinton probe

She says that "he doesn't wish to pursue these charges". Conway's comments came as Trump abruptly canceled a meeting with The New York Times on Tuesday, accusing the organization of changing the conditions for the session "at the last moment".

UK Serial Killer Convicted of Murdering 3 Men He Met Online

UK Serial Killer Convicted of Murdering 3 Men He Met Online

But jurors at London's Central Criminal Court convicted him of the murders and a range of other offenses that included three rapes and three sexual assaults of men who survived their encounters with Port. Seventeen police officers are facing investigation for possible misconduct over failures in catching serial killer Stephen Port. "He is obsessed with surrepticiously drugging young, often vulnerable, men for sexual purposes and rape".

Autumn Statement: "No hope" for the future, says shadow chancellor

On the chances of Mr Hammond wiping out the deficit by 2012, Mr Chote said: "That will be quite a challenge, especially if he needs or decides to borrow more during this Parliament". "Today's statement places on record the abject failure of the last six wasted years (since Labour lost power) and offers no hope for the future". Income tax free personal allowance to rise to £12,500 and the higher rate threshold will increase to £50,000 by the end of the Parliament.

Best Black Friday 2016 Deals Right Now: Amazon, Best Buy

Amid the clutter of deals clamoring for attention, smart and careful shoppers can come out ahead. "Customer shopping behavior is always evolving", Jarwala said. Wal-Mart's policy website states the store does not price match clearance items or those bought on Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday , according to the store's website .