Australian diplomats to soon meet teen drug suspect in Bali

They said Mr Murphy's family and friends would be "relieved" to hear confirmation from Bali police chief Sugeng Priyanto that there was no trace of illicit drugs in the substance or in the teenager's system . Forensics are also said to be examining Murphy's blood and alcohol. If you haven't signed up for auto-updates about the shitty state of affairs at Schoolies (who actually has?), then you might've missed the whole " Jamie Murphy and the little bag of sus powder" saga.

Trump picks SC Gov. Haley to be UN ambassador

Trump picks SC Gov. Haley to be UN ambassador

Trump is well aware of the importance and the critical nature of South Carolina's role in his election", he said, as speculation swirled that Trump was considering Haley for a job somewhere in his administration. During the week-long trip, the governor and more than two dozen others in her traveling party rang up $127,000 in expenses staying in five-star hotels and dining at fancy restaurants.

French conservatives voting in first presidential primary

They will face each other in a run-off next Sunday. Some voters may have chosen Fillon to defy polls and media that pointed to Juppe as the favorite to win the conservative nomination. Fillon - who has enjoyed a recent boost in popularity thanks to his image of authority and seriousness compared to Sarkozy's more outspoken, brazen demeanor - pledges to organize a referendum on a quota system for immigrants.

Australia closer to refugee deal with United States

Mr. Turnbull didn't disclose how many were likely to resettled by the US or on what terms, but he stressed the arrangement wouldn't be repeated or be extended to asylum seekers not already in the camps. election this week. He said USA officials would arrive in Australia this week and then travel to Nauru . The Human Rights Legal Centre said the announcement was " full of holes " with no timeframe and no detail on the numbers of people who will be offered places in the US.

Trump adviser says Israeli settlements not obstacle to peace

Immediately after Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat tweeted: "In your term as President I am confident that you will continue to empower our city by reaffirming its sovereignty and moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem ".

Obama makes final Thanksgiving turkey pardon

Obama makes final Thanksgiving turkey pardon

Tater and Tot are being housed at the Willard Hotel until their ceremony in the Rose Garden. Part of the confusion over the origin of the turkey pardon came from statements made by President Bill Clinton, who said the pardon as a tradition started with Lincoln and Truman.