Japan, India sign agreement on civil nuclear power

Japan, India sign agreement on civil nuclear power

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, accompanied by his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe travelled to Kobe in Shinkansen, the famous superfast bullet train of the country, whose speed ranges from 240 kms per hour to 320 kms per hour. Prime Minister Modi's Japan visit was closely followed in China, particularly after recent discussions between India and Japan to strengthen maritime security.

Woman seriously injured during pipeline protest

Woman seriously injured during pipeline protest

A spokeswoman for the Morton County sheriff's department told the Los Angeles Times that officers did not deploy any concussion grenades on Sunday. One person was arrested during the confrontation. Speaking to the New York Daily News , Wilansky's friend and fellow protestor Vaimoana Niumeitolu said it was a concussion grenade fired by police that caused the explosion.

Chinese President Attends Signing of 18 Agreements with Peru

The day before to the signing ceremony, Diane Wang addressed delegates and leaders at the economic cooperation strategy conference between China and Peru, she reported and updated all participants on the current state of e-commerce cooperation between China and Peru.

Malaysia painted red and yellow as government rivals rally in capital

Both gatherings are illegal, the police said, adding they would not hesitate to use tear gas or water cannon if things got out of hand. In his Twitter account, Mandeep said "Bukit Aman (police headquarters) in our office". In a statement on his blog, Razak called Bersih - the electoral reformist group which organised the protest - "deceitful". "We Malaysians must uphold the principle of the rule of law, otherwise there will be chaos in the country and the people will suffer", he said on ...

France's Sarkozy loses primary with hard-line on immigration

This is the first time any French party has held a USA style presidential primary where any French citizen willing to pay €2 and sign a form saying they are committed to the values of the "centre and the right" could vote in the election .

Dalai Lama:

Dalai Lama: "I Have No Worries' About Trump's Election"

The Dalai Lama , Tibet's exiled Buddhist leader, addressed followers at the Gandantegchinlen monastery in Ulan Bator, the Mongolian capital, and spoke about materialism at the beginning of a four-day visit. In September, the Dalai Lama gave television viewers his impression of Trump, mimicking his hair style and "small mouth" in an interview with Good Morning Britain .