EU Citizens Want a Brexit-Style Vote-to Say 'Yes' to Staying

May wants to negotiate the divorce and the future trading relationship with the European Union before Britain leaves in March 2019, followed by what she calls a phased implementation process to give business time to prepare for the impact of the divorce.

Steve Scalise fights for life after shooting

Jack Sava , director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center said at a news conference Friday afternoon. Mr Scalise , 51, a Louisiana Republican who is the No 3 House Republican , remained in critical condition at a hospital a few miles from the stadium after undergoing a third surgery on Thursday.

Robert Mueller and the rules

In addition to describing his interactions with the president, Comey told the intelligence committee that while he was FBI director he told Trump on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation as part of a counter-intelligence probe involving Russian meddling in the election.

Trump Administration Rips Leaks Surrounding Mueller Probe

Mueller is investigating Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion by Trump campaign associates with the Russians, but there has been no indication that Mueller told Trump to fire Comey. Rosenstein was confirmed by the Senate in April on a vote of 94-6. Sen. Brand, 44, would only gain that authority if Rosenstein recused himself, but that is becoming a real possibility.

Michelle Carter found guilty of texting her boyfriend to kill himself

Michelle Carter found guilty of texting her boyfriend to kill himself

Carter will be sentenced on August 3, 2017. Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz found that Michelle Carter caused the death of Conrad Roy III . During their text message conversations in the weeks before Roy's death, Carter gave Roy advice on how to kill himself. Roy had tried to kill himself as many as four times previously.

Pentagon pushes back on Afghanistan report

In March 2013, Matthis incurred the wrath of the White House when, as leader of the U.S. Central Command, he told a Senate panel he supported keeping 13,600 U.S. Earlier in the year, Mattis also reportedly clashed with the White House over Pentagon nominees , turning down many choices from the Trump administration , while choosing outsiders who have since withdrawn from the process.