Former UK PM Major "wary" about planned deal with N.Irish party

May is negotiating with the DUP, in an effort to ensure the Northern Ireland party backs her Conservatives in the House of Commons, where she does not have a majority, having failed to win an overall majority following the snap election she called, June 8.

On Twitter, Trump decries obstruction probe related to 'phony' Russia story

On Twitter, Trump decries obstruction probe related to 'phony' Russia story

The emergence of the obstruction of justice inquiry may make it harder for Trump to have Mueller removed. Trump, in a series of morning tweets , reverted back to the tone that won him the White House, slamming the investigation a day after he called for unity in the wake of a shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice that injured several people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise .

Trump Says No Proof Of Collusion With Russians

The White House had confirmed that Mr Mueller was among the candidates Mr Trump interviewed to replace Mr Comey. Rosenstein - in charge because Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation into the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation - then appointed Mueller as special counsel.

White House denies Trump wants Mueller out

But people close to Mr. Trump say he is so volatile they can not be sure that he will not change his mind about Mr. Mueller if he finds out anything to lead him to believe the investigation has been compromised. That's what was meant by Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein when he said Director Comey usurped the role of the Department of Justice prosecutors. "The fact is if he wants to fire Ken Starr he could do it in the morning", Gingrich said in the video.

DUP agreement will end 'no deal' Brexit talk

The DUP and Conservatives were close to reaching agreement to enable Theresa May to form a minority government and the talks were not in trouble, according to DUP sources. Farron was a strong opponent of Brexit and supported a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU. "We made the case to her that we would oppose any deal that undermined the Good Friday Agreement", he said.