Trump Visits Scalise In Hospital After GOP Baseball Practice Shooting

Trump Visits Scalise In Hospital After GOP Baseball Practice Shooting

In all, five people were wounded when investigators said Hodgkinson opened fire with a rifle. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite). "Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police", Paul said. Separately, Republicans also met behind closed doors before leaving Washington for the week. Yet politics was never far off. Both had appeared on the House floor earlier.

Protesters storm town hall after London fire

Public anger was mounting as residents and neighbors demanded answers for how the blaze spread so quickly amid reports that contractors installed a cheaper, less flame-resistant type of exterior paneling in a renovation of the Grenfell Tower that ended in May 2016.

30 confirmed dead in London high-rise fire

Prime Minister Theresa May , who ordered a public inquiry into the disaster, was criticized on Thursday for visiting the scene of the fire, but talking to officials rather than victims or survivors. It followed calls for those involved in the building's recent renovation, which many claim posed a major safety risk, to face prosecution. The Times reported that contractors are thought to have used panels with a polyethylene core for the Grenfell project.

Tower Block Fire Survivors Storm London Town Hall

According to pictures shared on social media, the singer made her way to the block in north Kensington on Wednesday evening to offer support to the local community. "But it is a bad tragedy". The Standard reported about 350 people had arrived at the protest by 5 p.m. local time , among them was pop singer Lily Allen who was brought up in the area.

Gun control debate revived in wake of congressman being shot

The shooter, identified as James T. Hodgkinson , a 66-year-old home inspector from IL, was shot and killed by Capitol Police officers who were in Scalise's security detail. Police also said a dog that had been scared away and lost during the shooting had been located . Bob Livingston, now a Washington lobbyist, says the political climate in America is troubling and he worries about his friend.

Almost 200 Democrats to sue Trump over foreign business dealings

In the suit lawmakers alleged that Trump's acceptance of payments and emoluments of USA and foreign governments through hospitality estates, places other owners of hotels and restaurants at a disadvantage. Roughly 80 percent of Democrats in Congress are suing President Donald Trump for receiving payments from foreign governments through his businesses.