May to meet NI parties amid concerns over deal with DUP

Speculation has mounted that an agreement will be hard to reach due to the deal now being negotiated between the DUP and Conservative Party to support the Tory government. Next week might reveal the first details on what kind of a deal a weakened May government would strive for. Former Belgian prime minister Mr Verhofstadt said on Twitter that Brexit "isn't just about the Tories leaving the European Union , it's about the whole UK" adding: "Everyone's voice should be heard".

Trump Acknowledges He's Being Investigated In Firing Of Comey

Trump has called The Washington Post report a "phony story" and a "WITCH HUNT". The second, the official continued, is into whether if any potential offences were committed, Mr Trump or others attempted to cover them up or obstruct the investigation into them.

Theresa May avoids questions on personal response to Grenfell disaster

There are questions about why the block was not fitted with sprinklers or a central smoke alarm, and whether a recent refurbishment, including new external cladding, helped fuel the flames. Using drones and sniffer dogs, firefighters continued searching the burnt-out hulk that looms over Notting Dale, a low-income district of west London .

UK royals honor London fire victims as anger mounts

The Catholic bishops of Westminster offered their prayers and local parishes opened their doors to offer aid and supplies to those affected by a massive fire at an apartment complex in west London on Wednesday. Police surrounded May as she left a church Friday following the meeting with survivors and protesters shouted "Shame on you!" and "Coward!" Specialist sniffer dogs are on the scene to identify victims in the ashes.

Queen marks official birthday at Trooping the Colour

Queen marks official birthday at Trooping the Colour

While yes, her actual day of birth is April 21, her "public" birthday is June 17 where she celebrates with a grand ceremony. While the adults took part in the parade, George and Charlotte watched the excitement from a window in Buckingham Palace.

Relatives Of London Fire Victims Unleash Their Fury Upon Theresa May

The death toll in the horrific fire that engulfed a 24-storey tower in west London rose to 30 today amid fears that it could climb to over 100 in one of the worst fire tragedies in the country. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William met with volunteers who have been distributing supplies for those affected by the disaster. However, police have also said they do not expect to find any other survivors and that the number is likely to rise significantly.