Hammond: pragmatic approach needed for Brexit talks

There must be unanimous agreement by the EU's 27 other members for that to happen and officials have said that's only likely to come in October at the earliest. The spokesman said: "We want to end the anxiety facing four million citizens". "That has always been our first aim and that is what we will do". The U.K.

10 still in critical condition after London fire

Met police commander Stuart Cundy told a media briefing Friday that 30 people were known to have died, including one person who died in hospital after being rescued. "Nothing was done to improve fire-proofing standards, The Telegraph writes , while also citing changes in laws, risky cladding, no government reviews, and even missing sprinklers to try and explain the tragedy".

Mistrial: Cosby prosecutors have 4 months to retry the case

Mistrial: Cosby prosecutors have 4 months to retry the case

During his closing argument, defense attorney McMonagle painted Constand as a liar, saying statements she gave to police in 2005 contradicted what she later told law enforcement about the timing of the encounter. In another visit he gave her a mix of pills and wine that left her feeling "frozen" and "paralyzed" as he fondled her body and placed his hand on his genitals, the affidavit said.

Deputy AG says he may have to recuse himself from Russian Federation probe

Trump later said he had planned to fire Comey regardless of what recommendation he received from Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions , who has recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation. "They made up a phony collusion with the Russians story, found zero proof, so now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story". But soon after the abrupt termination, Trump told NBC News that he had been going to fire Comey regardless of any recommendations.

Steve Scalise still 'critical ... but has improved,' hospital says

He added that Scalise "will be able to walk and, hopefully, run". The doctor described how a bullet from an assault rifle entered Scalise's hip and traversed his pelvis, shattering blood vessels, bones and internal organs along the way. "I hope he's in good enough shape to watch, because he'll certainly feel good about what he sees", Flake said. The surgeon on Friday said he was "a lot more confident and optimistic" about Scalise's recovery than he was two days ago.

Feds To Call For Internet Tax On Streaming Services

Feds To Call For Internet Tax On Streaming Services

Speaking at an event in Montreal, he commented: "We respect the independence of committees and Parliament and the work and the studies they do, but allow me to be clear: we're not raising taxes on the middle class, we're lowering them". "This world is changing, and change brings disruption". "In our view, higher taxes and government control of the news is not the answer to the problem".