European Union sources: United Kingdom to agree Brexit divorce bill before trade talks

But the UK's Brexit department has insisted a trade deal must be agreed at the same time. One EU diplomat told the Politico website: "It is indeed our understanding that the agenda of the first negotiation round consists of issues related to the first phase of negotiations, which means citizens, money, Northern Ireland and some other exit-related questions".

New York City's

New York City's "Fair Workweek" Bills - Employment Law This Week

The mayor's plan would use more than $1.35 billion in city money to boost job creation in already growing job sectors. It takes something closer to gall to promise that all of these will be "good paying" jobs, better than the norm and enabling upward mobility - and then set a target salary in the $50,000 range, a level the city controller classifies as low-wage.

US Rep. Scalise's condition upgraded to 'serious' after shooting

US Rep. Scalise's condition upgraded to 'serious' after shooting

Can't see the video below? Members of both parties said they needed to soften rhetorical attacks on each other, if only to set a better example for a public that seems increasingly divided into hostile political camps. Higgins, along with Abraham, Johnson and U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, R-Madisonville, have all signed on as co-sponsors to similar proposed legislation that would force states to recognize concealed-carry permits from elsewhere.

Portuguese radio says 25 people killed in forest fires

However, the country has been reeling from the effects of a heatwave, with the mercury soaring above 40 degrees Celsius on Saturday. Some 600 firefighters were trying to put out the fires, which started Saturday. "Unfortunately, this seems to be the greatest tragedy we have seen in recent years in terms of forest fires", said Prime Minister Antonio Costa . He also said a period of national mourning would be announced shortly.

Turkey's Erdogan to discuss Qatar dispute with Trump, minister says

Turkey's president has criticised moves by Qatar's Gulf neighbours to isolate the emirate as "inhumane". He did, however, caution that Qatar's would not abandon its independent foreign policy just because the other nations in the GCC don't like some of their decisions.

Anti-Putin Protest Photos: Hundreds arrested in Moscow

Navalny was detained outside his home an hour before the rally was to start. White House spokesman Sean Spicer speaks during the briefing at the White House in Washington, DC, on June 12, 2017. Navalny, aiming to repeat the nationwide protests that rattled the Kremlin three months ago, has called for a last-minute location change for a Moscow demonstration that could provoke confrontations with police.