Theresa May offers support package for London fire victims

May made the announcement while speaking to survivors of the fire that on Wednesday ripped through the 24-story Grenfell Tower in Kensington while most residents were sleeping, leaving dozens dead, of which 30 have been found and identified, and hundreds homeless.

Missing Fitzgerald sailors found in flooded compartments

The USS Fitzgerald sustained significant damage in the collision with the Philippine-flagged ACX Crystal around 2:20 am Saturday. "A number of sailors' bodies that were missing from the collision between USS Fitzgerald .and a merchant ship have been found", the U.S.

Portugal sees Ronaldo fully focused on Confederations Cup

The inevitable question about how to stop Cristiano Ronaldo was asked first, with Osorio saying there is much more to Portugal than the Real Madrid forward. "He played just about every game, and along with his Socceroos commitments and global travel in a tough league, he's been outstanding". Portugal won 2-1 the only time it faced Mexico in an official match, in the group stage of the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Navy stops search for 7 missing sailors after bodies found

Navy's Seventh Fleet. US Navy guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald sails into its mother port US Naval Yokosuka Base, Kanagawa prefecture on June 17, 2017. There have been several collisions involving large vessels in the area over the past five years, Japan's Asahi newspaper said. The bodies were found in flooded compartments on Sunday after the Fitzgerald returned to the base in Yokosuka with the help of tug boats.

Freed US Student Was

Freed US Student Was "Brutalized" by North Korea

He was alleged to have stolen a propaganda and was charged with committing "crimes against the state". He said his son had become "fodder" for the regime, after being lured into visiting the country by a Chinese travel company that promised its customers were never detained while on a tour in the isolated nation.

GOP Shooter Had List of House Republicans' Names

GOP Shooter Had List of House Republicans' Names

The FBI said in a joint statement with other law enforcement agencies Friday that it is continuing to process evidence in an effort to determine a motive in the shooting. The gunman who wounded a top Republican congressman and several others during an early morning baseball practice had apparently been living out a white cargo van for months and was frequently seen working on a computer at a nearby YMCA, where he kept mostly to himself.