DUP talks not going as expected - Sky sources

A briefing document issued alongside the speech said the government would intensify its consultations with businesses and other interested parties to "test and validate positions and to continue to build support from the business community as we move forward".

Navalny Supporters Holding Anticorruption Protests Across Russia

Although city authorities had agreed to a location for the Moscow protest, Mr Navalny called for it to be moved to one of the city's main thoroughfares. The day's events included several military reenactments planned on Tverskaya to commemorate Russia's history. Three 16-year-old girls took sheets of paper to the Moscow protest and sat on the pavement to write the articles of the Russian Constitution on them; a nearby group of teenagers climbed on top of a tent with posters ...

Seattle police shoot dead pregnant black woman

Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson said Lyles had a recent "encounter" with police, who have been called to her apartment several times before - a history that warranted the dispatch of two officers rather than one. "They didn't only take one life - they took two lives". She had been arrested on June 5 for harassment and obstructing a police officer, after calling officers over an alleged domestic violence incident.

Israeli settlement building soars, official data shows

Israeli settlement building soars, official data shows

Emboldened by Trump's victory, Israel's right-wing government has approved thousands of new homes on existing settlements . Peace Now, a settlement watchdog group, has said that the rise in construction in the West Bank correlates to a drop in new buildings within Israel of 2.5%.

United Nations refugee report warns South Sudan could be next Syria

Grandi also highlighted the need to protect and care for the world's 22.5 million refugees , 40.3 million internally displaced individuals as well as the 2.8 million asylum-seekers. And almost 70 years after Palestinians first fled today's Israel, some 5.3 million Palestinians are now living as refugees - the highest level ever recorded, the UNHCR said.