Classmates honor student who died after N. Korea detention

The family of Otto Warmbier , the imprisoned 22-year-old who mysteriously fell into a year-long coma in North Korea and died , has refused to allow an OH coroner perform an autopsy. He could not speak or move voluntarily when he returned, and his doctors said he suffered extensive brain damage. "In the years ahead, we must continue to isolate and put pressure on North Korea to change its dictatorial government and protect our allies and friends in this volatile region of the world".

Michigan airport evacuated; officer seen bleeding from neck

The wound was superficial. Neville was identified as a retired lieutenant from the Genesee County Sheriff's Office who was employed with Bishop Airport Public Safety. Tim Wiley with the FBI's Detroit field office said earlier that they believed this to be an isolated incident. We now have no specific, credible information that there is a threat to the Flint community.

Explosion kills 3 at a mall in Colombia

French ambassador to Colombia Gautier Mignot confirmed the death of the 23-year-old and told a Bogota radio station that "the young woman was apparently in the company of her mother". Rebel groups condemned the blast and said it was an attempt to undermine their steps along with the government to end Colombia's half-century civil conflict.

American Warplane Shoots Down Iranian-Made Drone Over Syria

American Warplane Shoots Down Iranian-Made Drone Over Syria

The U.S. -led military coalition said in a statement that the shoot down occurred where another pro-regime drone dropped munitions on June 8 before it was also shot down. When US forces shot down a Syrian warplane for the first time in the country's six-year war, both Russian and US media outlets pontificated over what the latest move could mean for US-Russia relations that are already stretched quite thin.

Hawaii defies Donald Trump by backing Paris climate change deal

Hawaii defies Donald Trump by backing Paris climate change deal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spent the last five days quietly calling up allies in Europe and Asia as he seeks to forge ahead with climate change policies and worldwide co-operation in a world of "America First". Trump's decision drew heavy criticism within the U.S. and internationally, including in China, which swiftly recommitted itself to the agreement forged with the administration of former U.S.

Trump knocks Democrats for obstructing agenda after party wins Georgia

Trump kicked off Tuesday tweeting his support for Handel - whom he described as a "hard worker" - while slamming Ossoff as a candidate who would raise taxes and be weak on crime. For one thing, Ossoff, a 30-year-old former Capitol Hill staffer, did outperform his district's partisan leanings by six points, according to Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report.