EU gives $100M to UNICEF for Syrian children

Rouhani, the chairman of the SNSC, said the body had in response to the terrorist attacks in Tehran given wider authority to the country's Armed Forces than the missile raid on Daesh in Syria . Activists and IS supporters reported his death at the time, but the military is only confirming it now. The Bahraini cleric wrote religious justifications for the enslavement of thousands of women from Iraq's Yazidi minority and helped establish the IS branch in Libya.

62 killed by raging fires in Portugal

62 killed by raging fires in Portugal

At least 62 people have already perished in the massive forest fires blazing throughout central Portugal over the past two days and the government declared six days of mourning. Reinforcements, including more water-dropping planes from Spain, France and Italy, were due to arrive as part of a European Union cooperation program, officials said.

Saudi king deposes crown prince, names son as successor

The young prince, known as M.B.S., emerged from obscurity after his 81-year-old father ascended to the throne in January 2015. The new crown prince also has used fighting words to describe Iran . Qatar's neighbors accuse it of supporting terror groups - a claim Doha denies. "Due to his adventurous characteristic, bin Salman can trigger new crises in the region", he said.

Donald Trump could win 2020 presidential election, here's why

Democrats threw tens of millions at Jon Ossoff , their 30-year-old newbie candidate, documentary filmmaker and former congressional aide who lives outside of Georgia's Sixth Congressional District. Unlike in some other races, however, it wasn't because Democratic voters didn't show up. "And sometimes it's hard to get people who are in power, who are used to that, to say, 'You know what? That's no way to build a national party".

Record levels of refugees and displaced persons

At the same time, returns of refugees and internally displaced people to their homes, combined with other solutions such as resettlement in third countries meant that for some, 2016 brought the prospect of improvement. Almost 86 percent of all refugees in the country are women and children and Uganda is now the third largest refugee-hosting country in the world, after Turkey and Pakistan.

Qatar's neighbors issue steep list of demands to end crisis

The list was compiled by Saudi Arabia , the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ), Egypt and Bahrain , which cut economic, diplomatic and travel ties to Doha on June 5. More broadly, the list demands that Qatar align itself politically, economically and otherwise with the Gulf Cooperation Council, a regional group that has focused on countering the influence of Iran .