Israel flouting UN Security Council settlement demand - UN envoy

The American government feels it can reach an agreement, maybe because the good ties with the Israeli government allow Trump more influence than was possible during Obama's term", he said. "After decades, I have the privilege to be the prime minister who is building a new community in Judea and Samaria", Netanyahu said, using the Israeli term for the occupied West Bank.

Karen Handel victory in Georgia feted by Republicans

With Republican Party victories in Georgia and SC, the special elections since Donald Trump was elected have the GOP undefeated in four outings, and it is something four-time presidential adviser David Gergen says should be worrisome to Democrats because, even though all politics is local, as the saying goes, national politics, by extension, is a lot of locals.

Ending guessing game, Trump admits there are no Comey tapes

Ending guessing game, Trump admits there are no Comey tapes

Trump , of course, had been bluffing when he hinted that he had tapes of the Comey /Trump convos, and the impact of that dishonesty would have had no impact on the detailed journals Comey kept of the conversations. When the committee touched on audio evidence, Comey simply replied, "Lordy, I do hope there are tapes". And Robert Mueller shouldn't care because even accepting Comey's version, Trump didn't commit any crime.

First batch of Turkish troops arrive in Doha

These states had then issued statements accusing Qatar of harboring hostile media, supporting terrorist organizations, interfering in the internal affairs of the other states and taking steps against the security of the region. The punitive measures against Qatar have drawn condemnation from rights groups, including Amnesty International , which said the diplomatic dispute has been toying with thousands of lives.

Russian warships fire missiles at ISIS targets in Syria

Moscow has fired missiles from the Mediterranean at militants' positions in Syria before, including launches from a submarine and a frigate in May at targets in the area of the ancient city of Palmyra. The ministry said in a statement that strikes targeted and destroyed Islamic State command and control centres and ammunition depots in Syria's Hama province.

'I did not make, and do not have' Comey tapes

'I did not make, and do not have' Comey tapes

Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month that Trump instigated several one-on-one conversations regarding the status of the Russian Federation investigation , interactions Comey deemed ethically dubious.