Iran Calls Missile Attack on ISIS Targets in Syria a Wider Warning

Senior Iranian officials tied to its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, or IRGC, also are seeking confrontation, and have warned that the recent missile strikes in Syria were meant as a message to the United States and Israel . " Iran's missile attacks on IS was a great measure preventing the US from opposition", said Syrian Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tourjman.

Iran's Khamenei hails Iraq's 'success' against jihadists

Northern Syria is awash with rival forces and state powers competing for influence over territory captured from the retreating Islamic State group. Back in February, the White House said it had put Iran " on notice " for test-firing a ballistic missile, taking an aggressive posture toward Tehran .

London rescue workers: 'We refuse to forget you'

The buildings have been found to be covered with the same type of cladding as used at Grenfell, five miles to the south west, where at least 79 people died in June 14's tragedy. Most New Zealand buildings with combustible cladding similar to those in London's Grenfell Tower are not likely to be re-clad. Camden council, which runs the Chalcots Estate , has promised to take it off the five towers and has met residents to try to reassure them.

Nobody 'in Position to Impose Regime Change on Qatar' - Foreign Minister

Nobody 'in Position to Impose Regime Change on Qatar' - Foreign Minister

Its state-funded pan-Arab Al Jazeera news channel showed footage of a column of armored personnel carriers flying the Turkish flag inside the Tariq bin Ziyad military base in Doha. Qatar has relished support from Turkey during the dispute. A base in Qatar houses the headquarters of US air power in the Middle East. But by applying pressure on gas-rich Qatar through sanctions, "we have a golden opportunity to break this support", he said .

Macron wins parliamentary majority

Macron wins parliamentary majority

Three pollsters projected turnout to be at 42-43 percent at the close of polling, a record low in the post-war Fifth Republic. " Emmanuel Macron's triumph is unquestionable". The self-styled "constructive" group, made of about 40 lawmakers belonging to the moderate wing of The Republicans, is set to support centrist President Emmanuel Macron on a case-by-case basis, while others in the party staunchly oppose him.

US would welcome effective Syrian effort to defeat IS

Trump administration officials, anticipating the defeat of the Islamic State in its de facto Syrian capital of Raqqa , are planning for what they see as the next stage of the war, a complex fight that will bring them into direct conflict with Syrian government and Iranian forces contesting control of a vast desert stretch in the eastern part of the country.