Cosby Trial: Juror Says It Was a 'True Deadlock'

Cosby Trial: Juror Says It Was a 'True Deadlock'

When it came to the count of whether Cosby had digitally penetrated Andrea Constand without her consent, the unidentified juror revealed that the vote was 10-2 finding him guilty. The juror continued, "People would just start crying out of nowhere, we wouldn't even be talking about [the case] - and people would just start crying".

Democrats Realize 2010 'Fire Nancy Pelosi' Campaign Has Been Working

Tim Ryan of OH ran against her. Ryan fell well short but garnered dozens of votes, enough to underscore dissatisfaction with Pelosi and with her aging leadership team that has left promising young Democrats with few places to rise. But with Republicans re-energized after the Georgia win, they're praying she doesn't go anywhere anytime soon. "If we take back the House in 2018 then I think she'd stay leader", said Rep.

Colombia's ELN rebels free two kidnapped Dutch reporters

Colombia's ELN rebels free two kidnapped Dutch reporters

Derk Johannes Bolt and cameraman, Eugenio Ernest Marie Follender of the Dutch entertainment programme Spoorloos, were kidnapped by the ELN on June 17 from Filogringo village. They were kept hidden in houses but one day they were made to walk for 14 hours to evade the army. The ELN, now engaged in exploratory talks with the Colombian government in Ecuador, said on Wednesday they would release the Dutch journalists to a humanitarian commission if they determined that one of their units had ...

Turkey Stands by Qatar in Ongoing Crisis

CNN Money reported this month that Standard & Poor's downgraded the country's credit rating as investors pulled out their money in response to the breakdown in diplomatic ties. A senior UAE government official accused Qatar of leaking the list in an attempt to undermine mediation efforts and regional stability. QATAR POSITION: Qatar denies it aids terrorist groups.

Talks to support May's Conservatives making progress, DUP says

Queen Elizabeth will make her way to the House of Lords to make a speech outlining May's watered-down policy which will be debated before going to a vote in the coming days. Mr Murphy said while the official deadline for a deal at Stormont was next Thursday - June 29 - the United Kingdom and Irish governments had told the participants an agreement had to be effectively reached by Tuesday.

London homes evacuated in wake of Grenfell Tower fire

May said Friday that "she will work with and support the emergency services and relevant authorities to safeguard the public". Police said Friday that they were considering filing manslaughter charges in the Grenfell disaster and they were conducting a wide-ranging investigation that will look at everything that contributed to the disaster.