Democrat Rep: Pelosi Is More 'Toxic' Than Trump

Democrats came close but still lost two other contested special elections earlier this year for Republican-held seats in conservative Kansas and Montana, and the outcomes in Georgia and SC could put a crimp in the party's fundraising and candidate recruitment.

Jury deliberations begin as Cosby defence rests after six minutes

After the defense shocked the court by resting its case after only one witness, the prosecution made closing arguments focused on Cosby's statements to investigators more than 10 years ago. The 2014 case never went to trial after McMonagle succeeded in highlighting flaws in police evidence gathering, including a report that suggested the victim had been given a drugged glass of wine.

Belgian court finds princesses guilty of abusing servants

Belgian court finds princesses guilty of abusing servants

As the case began to receive publicity in Belgium and overseas more details about the princesses and their servants began to emerge. The court found that during visits to the Belgian capital in 2007-2008 they had over 20 brought with maids in slave-like conditions.

Iran's Leader Orders Missile Strikes on ISIS in Syria

The U.S. action also comes two days after a U.S. warplane shot down a Syrian plane that was attacking U.S. -backed forces near Raqqa, the Islamic State's de facto capital. The push by Syrian government forces in the Daraa area appears headed for the Jordanian border, two weeks after Assad's troops reached the border with Iraq for the first time in years.

15 people martyred in two bomb blasts in Parachinar

No group has claimed responsibility for the Parachinar blasts yet. However, the medical superintendent of the Parachinar agency headquarters hospital, Dr Sabir Hussain, confirmed 31 fatalities. The rescue operation is in progress. In Baluchistan, provincial government spokesman Anwar ul Haq Kakar said the car-bomb blast happened near the office of the inspector general (IG) of police.

UAE warns Qatar to take neighbours' demands 'seriously'

UAE warns Qatar to take neighbours' demands 'seriously'

Turkey fast-tracked legislation on June 7 to allow more troops to be deployed to a military base in Qatar that houses Turkish soldiers under an agreement signed in 2014. "Middle East Eye is independent of any government or movement and is not funded by Qatar", he said. The Qatari government has been asked to agree to the demands within 10 days.