Parsing through the details of the GOP's health care bill

The bill would provide less-generous tax credits to help people buy insurance and let states get waivers to ignore some coverage standards that " Obamacare " requires of insurers. He called on citizens to pressure lawmakers into working with each other by calling and visiting members of Congress and sharing their stories about how the proposed bill will affect them.

Trump's Latest Financial Disclosure Shows Hotel's Millions

Trump's Latest Financial Disclosure Shows Hotel's Millions

ProPublica reported in April that the trust had been amended in February to allow Trump to withdraw funds at any time from any of his businesses without public disclosure. The financial disclosure forms list a filer's positions held on companies and in a separate section the filer's assets and income they generate. For example , the president's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, which he only visited for the first time in May, raked in $19.7 million, nearly the same amount mentioned in ...

Senate health care bill is unconsicionable

McConnell wants to push the package through the Senate next week, and will succeed if he can limit defections to two of the chamber's 52 Republicans. She's set to appear on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday. GOP Sen. Arthur Heller (R-NV), who is up for re-election, said Thursday that he has "serious concerns about the bill's impact on the Nevadans who depend on Medicaid ".

Wisconsin AG 'thrilled' high court to hear case

The Supreme Court will take up the Wisconsin case this fall. That same panel of judges then took issue with the Texas map of state house districts, which they said intentionally discriminated against minorities statewide and in particular districts, a month later.

Couillard says Muslims also have a responsibility in the fight against terrorism

The network reports that Wednesday — the day Amor Ftouhi allegedly nearly killed the officer at an airport in Flint, Michigan — was Laylat Al-Qadr or “night of fate.”. Officials evacuated the airport Wednesday, where a witness said he s. The suspect, Amor Ftouhi, 49, of Quebec, Canada, has been charged in federal court with violence at an global airport for stabbing Jeff Neville , an officer at the Bishop worldwide Airport in Flint, in the neck on Wednesday.

Don't belong to a party; prez post above party politics:Kovind

Don't belong to a party; prez post above party politics:Kovind

The entire council of Union Ministers, NDA Chief Ministers, BJP MPs and MLAs from across the country will be among proposers and "seconders" of Kovind's candidature. "But most of the major political parties turned up today at Kovind's nomination", he added. Indicating that he would like to walk the path shown by three former Presidents - Dr Rajendra Prasad, Dr Radhakrishnan and Dr APJ Kalam -, NDA's presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind said he would like to uphold the tratidion set by ...