Private Investigator Hired by Keith Papini Weighs in on Kidnapping Case

Mr Papini is due to appear on ABC's 20/20 and in a preview he spoke in graphic detail about how his wife's captors dumped her badly beaten body on a roadside and how she struggled to wave down help. He retraced her steps and found her cell phone. "We do not know if it's related to sex trafficking or the reason for her abduction, or was she specifically targeted or if this was a random abduction".

China touts its own trade pact as US-backed TPP withers

China touts its own trade pact as US-backed TPP withers

He is not against global trade. Asia-Pacific leaders meeting at an economic summit in Peru over the weekend pledged to pursue free trade deals despite Mr Trump's opposition. Trump also promised to "cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy - including shale energy and clean coal", though he did not specify which restrictions he planned to eliminate.

LA 2024 releases $5.3 billion budget; no new stadiums needed

Preliminary figures for Paris called for an infrastructure budget of $US4.5 billion ($A6.0 billion) and operational costs of $US4.8 billion ($A6.4 billion), with 95 per cent of the city's proposed venues either temporary or already in existence.

Trump, Clinton campaign managers hash out election at forum

Trump, Clinton campaign managers hash out election at forum

Trump won, according to his aides, not by issuing serious policy plans or establishing an extensive political machine but through "branding". There were periods of calm, substantive discussion about data, metrics and target states, but many moments where tempers flared, with acrimony mirroring the 2016 race.

Pa. lawmaker wants Electoral College votes given to national popular vote victor

Jill Stein, the Green Party's candidate, raised millions of dollars for a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and MI, where Mr Trump's margins of victory were thin. The Electoral College system requires that representatives of each state cast ballots to decide who will actually become the new President. The petition comes on top of a three-state recount effort launched by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Cambridge Fire: How You Can Help

Fire officials say the close proximity of the buildings, which appear to be mostly residential, also played a role in the fire's quick destruction. The newspaper said that the blaze broke out shortly before 3 p.m. "It was the fastest fire I've ever seen". Authorities said two police officers and one firefighter were injured in the fire. The fire began Saturday afternoon at an under-construction building, and rapidly spread through the area of Berkshire and York Streets.