Turkish PM threatens to reopen borders to migrants

The EU struck a deal earlier this year to return migrants to Turkey in return for a package including aid for the refugees and accelerated membership talks. Negotiations on Turkey joining the European Union began in 2005 but progress has been very slow. On Wednesday, Erdogan called on countries of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation to stand up to the West where, he said, Muslims were being confronted with "double standards, prejudice, alienation" and were being attacked.

Unemployement rate continues to drop as tt hits 9-year low

Unemployement rate continues to drop as tt hits 9-year low

The steep drop in the unemployment was unexpected. The U.S. Dollar fell on Friday against most major currencies and is in a position to close lower for the first time in four weeks. Even as wages fell last month, a proxy for take-home pay rose 3.9 percent in November from a year ago, which bodes well for consumer spending. "Nevertheless, more work remains to ensure that the benefits of the recovery are broadly shared, including opening new markets to USA exports; taking steps to spur ...

Parents act fast, disarm son who brought guns to Utah school

As he is a juvenile, his name has not been released. A 15-year-old boy entered a classroom at Mueller Park Junior High Thursday and fired one shot into the ceiling before his own mother intervened and grabbed the gun from his hand. Davis School District spokesman Chris Williams praised the parents, saying "It's all of our jobs to keep kids safe". Ross said the student's parents remained "with their son through the process".

Theresa May reveals radical corporation tax cut plan

The chairman of the British Community Committee of France, Christopher Chantrey, said: “This is good news for us all.”. Mrs May is expected to add: "We will also review the support we give innovative firms through the tax system. "In response, we now need to see all government departments playing their part by getting behind such a strategy in a joined-up manner, beginning with the Autumn Statement later this week".

Classic novels banned in schools due to racial slurs

Classic novels banned in schools due to racial slurs

The parent, Marie Rothstein-Williams, made an emotional plea at a school board meeting November 15, saying the works had disturbed her teenage son, a biracial student at Nandua High School on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Another parent, Catherine Glaser, said she'd like her son to read the books. "What are we teaching our children?" She suggested that the students read other books because assigning " Huckleberry Finn ", she argued , "validates that these words are acceptable".

Turkey and Russia Want Cease-Fire in Syria: Turkish Official

State broadcaster al-Ikhabirya also showed hundreds of displaced people sitting on rain-soaked streets and others riding government buses to resettle in newly captured areas. Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on December 1 also called on the European Union "to make up its mind" on Turkey . Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told Russian news agencies Wednesday that Moscow was baffled by such comments.