Trump announces 35 percent punishment tax on companies that offshore jobs

Hayes walked out of that meeting with a sweet deal: $7 million in tax breaks over the next decade for keeping around 1000 manufacturing and 300 research and development jobs in the Hoosier State. Trump made vowing to keep Carrier in the country and returning other good-paying manufacturing jobs to the economically challenged Midwest a major part of his successful presidential campaign.

Iraq Shia militias isolate IS-held Mosul from Syria's Raqqa

Iraq Shia militias isolate IS-held Mosul from Syria's Raqqa

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi charged Hashd al-Sha'abi with the task of liberating the nearby town of Tal Afar which lies on a key road used by Daesh terrorists to move back and force to Syria. CTS's Staff Lieutenant General Abdelghani al-Assadi said however that his forces had found fresh momentum in recent days. Iraq's US -trained Counter Terrorism Service units breached Islamic State defenses in east Mosul at the end of October and are fighting to expand their foothold ...

Finland mayor, two journalists shot dead

Finland mayor, two journalists shot dead

The attack occurred moments before a police patrol auto arrived at the scene, said police spokeswoman Heli Jamsen-Turkki. A police statement said the women had died at the scene after being shot at close range, sustaining gunshot wounds to the head or torso.

France's Fillon Seen Beating Le Pen in Presidential Election

The former prime minister promised to build a fairer society, saying France wanted "truth and. action". In a scenario where Hollande runs alongside his former adviser Macron, Fillon would win the first round with 32 percent of the vote against 22 percent for Le Pen and 8 percent for the president, according to a poll by Odoxa for France 2 television.

UK Brexit minister: Leaving EU won't mean economic isolation

Last month, the UK High Court ruled that the government needed a parliamentary approval to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in order to begin the negotiations. The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimated in August that retaining single-market membership could be worth around 4 percent of gross domestic product by 2030, the equivalent of 75 billion pounds.

Trump shrugs off fuss over Taiwan call

The U.S. does have a "robust unofficial relationship" with Taiwan and commits to defending it in the event of a Chinese attack, according to the Department of State's website. The U.S. policy acknowledges the Chinese view over sovereignty, but considers Taiwan's status as unsettled. "They reached out to offer congratulations as leaders around the world have", he said.