What's behind persecution of Myanmar's Rohingya

The leader's remarks diverged from usual Asean non-interference policies and analysts say the protests are a "smokescreen" for the embattled leader. Malaysia has cancelled two football matches scheduled to take place in Myanmar this month in protest, and Foreign Minister Aman has requested an immediate appointment with Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi to discuss the violence.

Beijing faces decision on how to respond to Trump's tweets

Beijing faces decision on how to respond to Trump's tweets

Obama has worked to improve cooperation with the country on climate change and North Korea, though deep differences remain, including on China's territorial grabs in the South China Sea and on cyber issues. President-elect Donald Trump has taken a fresh swipe at China just two days after a controversial phone call with Taiwan's president that upended decades of diplomatic protocol.

Syrian forces press on in Aleppo, as attacks kill civilians

The government blamed rebels for the attack. The UN estimates that 400,000 lost their lives in the Syrian civil war which displaced more than half of the country's population causing an acute refugee crisis in Europe never seen since the Second World War.

UK government's Brexit plans in hands of Supreme Court

Police were forced to intervene as two men got into a scrap on the first day of the court hearing on whether the Government needs a vote from MPs before starting Brexit . Meanwhile the pro-EU Liberal Democrat party says it would vote against Article 50 unless there is a new referendum on the final Brexit deal, a concession May is highly unlikely to make.

Ex-minister launches Socialist bid for French presidency

Ex-minister launches Socialist bid for French presidency

Hollande's time in office has been marred by some of the worst terrorist attacks on French soil in modern history, as well as unsuccessful attempts to significantly reduce the unemployment rate. Those differences will play out in next month΄s Socialist primaries that may well pit more centrist Prime Minister Valls against Hollande΄s onetime Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg, who accused Hollande earlier this year of "betraying the ideals of the left".

Japanese leader Abe to visit Pearl Harbor with Obama

Abe, in a brief statement to reporters, said he would visit Hawaii on December 26 and 27 to pray for the war dead at the naval base at Pearl Harbor and to hold a final summit meeting with Obama before the latter's presidency ends. Obama will also accompany Abe to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor to honor those killed, the White House said. Three and a half years later, the war came to an end after the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and on the city of Nagasaki ...