Michigan recount expands, Pennsylvania awaits federal ruling

That is still shy of Pennsylvania's 0.5 percent trigger for an automatic statewide recount. MI workers began a Stein-requested recount after a federal judge there ordered one without delay. Republican Donald Trump narrowly won all three states, with Stein getting about 1 percent in each. The Electoral College meets on December 19. The plaintiffs, who live in Osceola and Volusia counties, say the state's official election results were off because of hacking, malfunctioning voting machines, and ...

ROK President faces impeachment over political scandal

The scandal has sent Park's once-bulletproof approval ratings to record lows and prompted hundreds of thousands to repeatedly take to the streets calling for Park's ouster. They also agreed to try their best for a December 2 vote on the impeachment motion, with passage coming during the last regular session plenary meeting on December 9 at the latest.

Russia Upset by Muted Response to Aleppo Attack

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says he hopes to convince Syria's warring factions and their backers to return to the negotiating table before the besieged city of Aleppo is destroyed. "There is no other way". It would also have had the Council "expresses its intention to consider further extensions for seven-day periods on a recurring basis, and demands that all parties allow and facilitate immediate, safe, sustained and unimpeded humanitarian access to all of Aleppo by the United ...

Italy president tells Renzi to delay resignation until budget approved

It was a resounding victory for the No camp, a medley of populist parties headed by the Five Star Movement , which capitalised on Mr Renzi's declining popularity, years of economic stagnation, and the problems caused by tens of thousands of migrants arriving in Italy from Africa.

Indian, Afghan leaders urge end to terror support

For Pakistan, however, Heart of Asia wasn't all about India and Afghanistan pinning Islamabad on terrorism as Russian Federation welcomed Sartaj's statement. New Delhi alleges that the Lashkar and Jaish have been enjoying financial and logistical support from the Pakistan government and its agencies were being used as a tool to disrupt peace in India.

New Zealand PM Abruptly Announces Resignation

New Zealand PM Abruptly Announces Resignation

The National Party caucus will hold a special meeting on 12 December to select a new leader, after which Key will formally resign as prime minister. But as Opposition leader he led the part to its worst ever defeat in 2002 against Helen Clark, handing the role over to Don Brash in 2003. National MPs meet this morning for the first time since John Key's bombshell announcement yesterday that he's resigning as Prime Minister.