Pak Army's new chief says situation along LoC will improve soon

Addressing the gathering, General Sharif stressed the need for all institution of the Pakistani establishment to work together "against external threats". General Raheel Sharif , who is set to retire on November 29 , also served in this same post before taking over as army chief. General Hayat was serving as chief of general staff (CGS) prior to his present appointment.

Al Gore calls his meeting with Trump 'extremely interesting'

Gore , who is a climate change activist said that the meeting "was a honest search for areas of common ground". Despite a majority of scientists' consensus on climate change, the issue remains a politically divisive topic that has raised considerable concern, especially after Trump and his advisers have declared their intentions to dismantle efforts set in place to tackle the global threat.

How Trump plans to punish firms that leave US

How Trump plans to punish firms that leave US

In a major early hurdle to Donald Trump's trade agenda, Republicans indicated on Monday they are not ready to support his proposed tariff on US companies that leave the country, reopening old rifts between the President-elect and his own party.

Syria regime shelling kills 21 civilians in east Aleppo

The footage showed body parts strewn along a road full of debris, and families grieving over the corpses of their relatives as rescue workers attended to them. Rami Jarrah, a Syrian anti-government activist and citizen journalist who is based in Turkey but regularly travels to rebel-held Aleppo, said via Facebook that he did not believe that there was such a thing as safe passage.

Senators Warren and Carper Question GSA on President-elect Trump's Conflicts of Interest

Trump's swearing-in is compounded by the general and egregious conflict of interest poised by his appointing the GSA Administrator who will oversee this lease with his hotel". Trump has said he will put his children in charge of his vast real estate holdings when he assumes the Oval Office, but the two ex-White House contracting specialists say that wouldn't avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest , if not direct conflicts.

Trump Vows To Immediately Quit TPP

Trump Vows To Immediately Quit TPP

The U.S. president-elect Donald Trump revealed his to-do list for the very first day in the White House, as his transition team carries on working over top level appointments for the future administration. The TPP is meant to open up trade among 12 countries that encompass almost 40% of the world's GDP, including Canada. Simon Rabinovitch, Asia economics editor at the Economist, told the BBC that "though Trump has called it a terrible deal, [TPP] was actually very good for the U.S".